Any TXU Success?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by chelsys, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. chelsys

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    I just got a call from TXU's (electric comp) concerning a BBB complaing I filed back in October 2002. I have been trying to get these people to delete a paid charge off for ever. I thought the call was to talk to me about finally getting it removed, but all the woman was doing was calling me to tell me that they were not removing it! It takes them almost a year to tell me that?!?! I had resigned myself to just having to deal with it, but now I am pissed all over again. I asked for the address to their legal department, and the chick did not want to give it to me, and refused to give me a phone number for them. Has anyone had any success with these fools, and if so, what did you do? If not, I am going to gather my records to actually sue them this time. I am fed up with them, and this last phone call was the last straw. They are my last bad thing on my reports, and if I could get them removed life would be lovely. Please help!
  2. monanell

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    Hey. i've also got a TXU on my credit report. It should come off next year. They are a hard one to deal with. I've sent them letters, tried *not Mine* with cra but no luck. What you might do is the following.
    write the cra's saying not mine. If it comes back verified, then ask for procedure request. Good Luck to you. I'm not applying for any *new* credit*, and mine should come off shortly after the first of the year.

    Read, read, read......

  3. mark

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    no luck here, have finally given up..its on all 3 reports and gets almost insta-verified everytime I dispute i cant dispute it anymore (frivilous)

    going to sh*tcan them soon and go with reliant, f-them.

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