Anyone dealt with Plaza Associates?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by c5kirk, Jun 14, 2001.

  1. c5kirk

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    Just found out that they are the CA that has my wife's old FCNB account. Just wondering if anyone knows how easy/difficult they are to deal with.

    Found their website at

  2. Cadillac408

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    I went through them to pay off my Target chargeoff ($300). They were very simple to deal with. I didn't want to go through them but Target REFUSED any payment from me. They set me up on a monthly payment plan and sent me statements each month. Only spoke w/ a rep 1 or 2 times. No problems there. Only problem I had was when I inquired about sending them money via Western Union. I guess the rep must of misunderstood me and thought that I was going to be paying the account off via Western Union that day or something. For the next couple of days they BLEW my phone up wondering where there money was! That was irritating but I eventually explained and they stopped.

    Other issue was when I initially called them to set something up (they offered me a settlement in the mail but I didn't want to do it....wanted to pay in full...paid in full looks better than settled) they informed me that I had TWO accounts with them. The other was a $1k+ bill from Fingerhut that I had NO CLUE ABOUT! Yes I had a Fingerhut account but I NEVER orderd anything near that amount. So I explained to the rep and they instructed me to send them a letter stating that I disputed that account and so I did. I guess they sent the account back to Fingerhut to investigate and I've never heard from them since.
  3. c5kirk

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    Thanks for the reply MP$40.

    I'm curious... how did that situation show up on your CR and did you try to negotiate anything with them (removal for full payment, etc..)? My wife is in the same situation.... She has a FCNB that was charged-off and is showing on all 3 of her CR's. Now that debt has been sold (I presume) to Plaza for collection (even thought the SOL is up). So, I'm wondering if they will be willing to remove the derog in return for payment and also, if they won't, how this will show up. Will the collection show up in addition to the FCNB charge-off or could the FCNB entry be removed since Plaza now has the debt.

    Thanks again for the reply.

  4. bbauer

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    I am currently dealing with Plaza.

    I sent them my own validation letter and they responded in the usual manner that they were investigating.

    When more than 30 days went by, I informed them that they had broken the FDCPA and were in criminal violation of the law. I included that as part of the estoppel letter.

    I then got a letter from their attorney stating that his client had done nothing wrong, demanded payment and stated that his client had made 6 attempts to call me by phone with no success. He also stated that his client was attempting to validate the debt but had been unable to do so up to the date of his letter.

    I then sent him a letter asking him to please supply the name of the person having attempted to contact me, the date and times of the attempted contacts.

    He has never answered me nor have they.

    My next step will be to demand to know the name and address of the person designated in their articles of incorporation to receive notice of summons. I will wait a few days to see if they (Plaza and their attorney, severally and separately)
    reply with the demanded information. The attorney will most likely reply that I should send the summons to him. I will then inform him that he will need to seek competent legal counsel because he will be named a party to the suit. That way the both of them will have to travel from NYC to Oklahoma City to answer discovery motions in person and then again to come to court. In discovery, I will demand the name(s) of the person(s) having made the 6 illegal attempts to contact me by phone, and will then demand that any such person(s) come to Oklahoma City for further discovery process. They should get the idea that they stepped into more expense than they ever hope to collect on a debt they can't even validate and which well may be past the SOL in the first place.

    In the highly unlikely event that they don't wake up by that time, I will be filing civil suit against both Plaza and their attorney fairly soon.

    That's where it stands right now.

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