anyone else with junum /w/spouse??

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bfllover, Jul 5, 2001.

  1. bfllover

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    I was confused-just signed up today online along with spouse for the $24.95 couple account.I called junums 1800 # and asked why do we have to have 2 separate credit reports sent in from each CRA if we have been married along time and all our credit accounts are merged accounts.She explained that it is all by SSN# and if a negative got deleted for me and I did not pay the $8 to have my husbands deleted that it would reappear vis my hubs ssn when applying for whatever even if it was deleted off mine.It just seemed confusing why I needed a merged junum account if our credit reports are the same.But I want to clean it up,so be it-,and she also said they have taken care of the computer problem re positive tradelines being deleted.I plan on sending specific notes and hilighting what I want deleted.Hopefully that will do it!!---
  2. NanaC

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    Hi..I had junum with me and my hubby..they disputed us seperately as individuals..and I only paid for an item that was deleted on each report. However, we did not have a lot of merged stuff so that helped..hope that helps! Good luck!

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