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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by safti, Aug 30, 2003.

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    safti Active Member This law firm is supposed to help to repair your credit report.

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    You are throwing your money away by paying someone to do it for you.
    You can do the same as they can by the price of postage stamps. Read this board and the others about how to do it yourself. It's realtively easy, just takes time, the the pay for it services can't do it any quicker.
    Patience and persistance.
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    Safti, other than the fact that you can do it yourself, there are a few other reasons why you wouldnt want a 3rd party to do it...

    1) they often dispute anything and everything, and as a result you end up losing POSITIVE tradelines that were helping your score

    2) they often do not keep you informed on every single dispute, how it was disputed, and when. (This will be VERY important for the future, so you know what reasons NOT to use because they have been used before, etc.)

    3) sometimes the CRAs seem to make things more difficult when they realize you are using a 3rd party, and will require power of attorney docs, etc.

    4) a lot of times, you can make better decisions by using all the awesome resources on these boards, compared to the decisions a 3rd party business will make.

    5) sometimes those firms have no in-depth knowledge about credit scoring and reporting, and just rely on the hope that OCs, CRAs, and CAs will be scared by mail coming from a law office

    just my two cents.
    in the end it is up to you. but i have heard more horror stories than success stories when people use a group like them.
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    lbrown59 Well-Known Member This law firm is supposed to help to repair your credit report.
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