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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jsever, Jun 11, 2001.

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    I can't remember the dates exactly. But when I had Primestar satellite tv they were bought up by Direct TV. Three months or so before the Primestar satellite was to go out, Direct TV tried to get all Primestar customers to convert. They kept throwing up banner ads in the middle of a show you were watching. The banner ad was so big that you would miss parts of the show! It really ticked me off, especially when I was watching a murder mystery like Poirot! So, I decided to convert.

    When the service guy came to set up the Direct TV dish, he couldn't get a signal anywhere on the property except from behind a nice cherry tree. He told me I'd have to cut it down! I decided not to cut the tree and let the time run out with Primestar. So, because I didn't convert, they continued throwing the banner ad up on the tv. I called them and explained my situation and would they please get rid of the banner ad. Anyway, I called them probably five or six times complaining.
    The ad would stop for a couple of days and then reappear. They said there was nothing they could do about it. I told them that since I couldn't watch tv without the ad getting in the way that I wouldn't pay them the last installment. I probably should not have paid them for three months. Anyway, I just didn't pay for the last month. I then went with Dish satellite tv.

    Anyway, you probably guessed it by now. The 53.00 is now on my credit reports. Since Primestar is out of business, I called Direct TV about it. They said they would check into it but didn't think there was much they could do. This was about a month ago. I then disputed it with the CRA (it's being reported by a CA) and it was verified, the word the dispute form used was "checked". According to my score power at Equifax, this is the single most damaging item bringing my score down. It's the only collection.

    What do I do now? Do you think the CA would listen? I know, I should have paid them anyway. But to me (before I found this board) it was the principle. I wasn't getting the service that I contracted for. No different than if I had bought something and it didn't work.

    I know this is long, but I just had to vent the details.

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    You're suggesting that I contact the collection agency? Maybe if I repeat my long story they'll sympathize? Maybe. Maybe not. I just think that these are legitimate situations that many people must get into, only to have a collection on their credit reports for seven years!
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    Poirot is the best.

    If there are witnesses to the problem, you could win in court. The more complaints like yours, the better for you.

    But court is a hassle-- if not impossible for a layman-- if the defendant moves you out of small-claims. Use the court of the light of day: Get some free web space, post the story, and ask for feedback and others who had the same problem. Write to the new owner and get their statements in writing.

    The $53.00 is a small injury, but the collection in your file is serious.

    What does your contract say about a stiuation like this?
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    Another Poirot fan. My contract is somewhere buried! Now that you mentioned having witnesses, I taped some shows that have the banner ad on them. Trouble is, my son and I tape all kinds of stuff and never mark the tapes! Very organized, you know.

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