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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by nycccred, Nov 26, 2008.

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    Hey all, I just joined this forum as I'm ready to start going after business credit (I'm usually on MyFico which is more consumer credit oriented)

    Anyway interesting to see the same problems/issues/etc.

    I also wanted to *highly* recommend Apex Credit Services to anyone in a credit-repair/building phase. Almost to the date on year ago my credit was a mess after several bad family crisis years. I was about to do the very worst thing and go with one of the 'Mills' and came across a post about Apex. I called up and instead of getting an operator who tried to sign me up and promise me the world, I got right to the owner, Jason, who spent an hour with me going over me past/goals in detail and actually undersold what he eventually accomplished.

    I slowly repaired my credit both through intelligent disputing on Apex's behalf and also recommended steps to get new cards and manage the debts/reporting.

    A year ago I had Faco scores in the low 500s and non-existent Fico scores. Today I have three 700+ scores which will probably all be in mid to high 700s b7 the the end of January. I'm also in position (which was my stated goal) to start getting business credit, which is dependent on my personal credit, and was a total impossbility 1 year ago.

    So, in an industry full of incompetence and outright dishonesty, kudos to Jasan and Apex Credit, I highly recommend them.
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    Oh my God, someone posting that we're not low life scum!

    In all honesty, we're glad to help and glad you found our services at Apex Credit Services helpful.

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