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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jo, Oct 15, 2000.

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    Roni, sorry about all this. This is stupid and I apologize. I appreciate the information and hope that you can overlook my stupidity lately. Again, I apologize for the whole incident that started this. I hope that you won't hold a grudge!


    PS- john or MrBelvedr- this is none of your fucking business, so please, remove your heads from your asses and get on with your (pitiful) lives.
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    Apology accepted and apology r

    This whole thing started because you said that maybe the reason that I was asked to verify my address because I had many recent inquiries and bad credit. Now, that doesnot make much since to me. If that was the case I would have just gotten a denial from them. I stated that maybe my advise was appropriate for you since you have good credit. However I didnot want anyone to miss getting the card because Citibank didnot verify address. That is so trivial. Somehow,you took my comments as snappy, bragging etc. That is not the case. Truly not the case. Dont correct my grammer, I made all A's in English. But I enjoy screwing up my writing sometimes. Lol. As far as I am concerned the situation is squashed. Amd I dont exactly qualify as a titty queen. I am only about a B cup. Lol. Now I have a question for you. How long does Citibank take to give increase and for how much????
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    RE: Apology accepted and apolo

    Well, Citibank gave me an initial line of $1K because I had a string of recently opened new accounts (which is why I was asking you if that's why they did the verification- I wasn't implying anything, but in retrospect, I should have worded more carefully). I put maybe around $400 on the card in 3 months. They wouldn't increase it for about four months. At the same time, BofA was raising my limit substantially (I won't mention #s because I don't want to get braggy..LOL) so I called to cancel. The line was instantly bumped to $5500. Three months later, I said that it was inadequate (and it was...by comparison anyway) and threatened to cancel again. Line was then raised to $14K. At that point, my income was great, my credit was doing better (I never had damaged credit, but I was a late "bloomer", if you will, not getting my first card till 22). When my BofA line was higher than Citi, I called and told them I'd cancel my BofA card if they'd match that credit line. They did...I never did cancel BofA though...just had the line lowered. At any rate, here's a quick overview:

    Started @ $1K
    4 months later- increased to $5.5K
    3 months from that point- increased to $14K
    2 months from then- line rasied to over $25K (not mentioning amounts...:0D)

    So basically in about 9-10 months, the line was increased almost 30 fold...but they did pull CRs for each increase, and I did end up cancelling all my other cards in order to close excess credit. I have left open BofA though, as well as Citibank, and 2 AmEx(1 Charge, one Optima). Life's much more simple with those 4 lines than my 18 crappy Cap1, DMB, JCPENNY, MERVYN'S, blah, blah, blah...

    So, yeah, they're VERY FAIR with increases- you just may need to fib a little. Also, if I may suggest, you should have your two accounts consolidated to one big line and then have that converted to Platinum. (I forgot to mention that I've converted my card between products 6 times..LOL..they hate me!) Just mention it casually..say "I think I want the Platinum World Card". They should do it. If not, say "well, um, I'll have to rethink keeping the card- can you transfer me to account rentention." WORKS LIKE A CHARM! GOOD LUCK AND LEMME KNOW HOW IT GOES!

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    Read up new Citi-cardholders.

    Now that was great information. I will document your advise and start working that Citi magic you described in a few months. Thank you.
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    RE: Read up new Citi-cardholde

    I love this board:)
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    Knowledge is Power!

    need I say more?
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    RE: Apology accepted and apolo

    fib a little?

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