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    EX score was 580. TU 579, EQ 582. Overall utility is 8% one month ago I applied for an Apple Card, I got rejected immediately due to poor credit score and negative items on my credit report. Two weeks ago a member who had credit related issues posted about PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST. I keyed into them and gave them a hit by email: PINNACLECREDITSPECIALIST@GMAIL.COM I got a quick response from them immediately, which assured me to fix my credit within the duration of 6 days. After 3 days I got an email to confirm my NEW CREDIT which I did immediately. My score has been raised to EX 805, TU 813, EQ 811 and all negative items have been deleted permanently. I have to reapply for the Apple Card, it was a SP, immediately approved for $10,500. Also signed up for the Apple savings account to have my daily Cash deposited into it. Last weekend, I got an email about the GM card Marcus applied for, and got the need to review my application message, Monday morning I got a call to confirm I was the one to apply, confirmed yes, approved for $10,000. HUGE THANKS to PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST. You can CALL on +1 (872) 265 2951.
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    Thanks for this interesting information!
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