Applied for providian gold car

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Angela, Jan 10, 2001.

  1. Angela

    Angela Guest

    My credit must be improving. I applied for the card after receiving an invitation. You guys helped me out by answering my questions about the offer a few days ago.

    I tried to negotiate a lower rate (23.9%), ugh!!, and failed. There is no annual fee and it does have a 25 day grace period. i plan to keep it for 24 months and then get rid of it. My hope is that prime cards will be available at that time. In 2 years, my chargeoffs will be 5 years old.

    Any comments.
  2. JLD

    JLD Guest

    RE: Applied for providian gold

    DO NOT USE A PROVIDIAN CREDIT CARD!!! I have had one in the past, as have several of my friends. They illegally charge you extra fees and charges, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get them to fix it. There is currently a class action lawsuit against them for this very thing. Cancel it as soon as possible. If you can't get another card, try to build your credit using a secured card. Good Luck!
  3. S.D.

    S.D. Guest

    RE: Applied for providian gold

    No, Providian is better now. I was hesitant about accepting a pre approved gold from them. But after talking to many on this board, I decided to get it to build my credit. after a few months, you can negotiate the terms. I called a month after I received the card, and had my APR reduced from 23.99 to 21.99. The guy in retention said I needed to establih myself with them first, but usually around 5-6 months, you can really get some negotiating done. At least you have a grace and no ann fee. I have no grace and $59 ann fee. They give line increases evry 3 months, too. Or at least that's what I'v heard from many n this board. I personally have not had any increases yet, because I have only had the card for 2 months. Give them a try. Just try to pay on time, don't go over the limit, and they will should be good to you. If you decide to cancel, I think the next best thing is the CapOne secured. 19.8%, $39 ann fee, 25 day grace, and they don't report as secured. The only thing negative that I've heard about is that they're stingy w/ increases, but Sam seemed to have no problems with them. I'm waiting fo my Cap1 secured to come in the mail. Good Luck!!
  4. sailor

    sailor Guest

    providian is ok for building c

    But watch the payment dates or you will have some huge fees
  5. dave

    dave Well-Known Member

    RE: providian is ok for buildi

    I've had a Providian account since '96 and never had any problem with them.
  6. sailor

    sailor Guest

    Dave, did you get a prime or

    subprime card from Providian? My card is a subprime with fees etc. I would like to turn it into a gold card and need to know how to negotiate the matter.

    I had to pay 2 late charges that were my fault. Otherwise the card is fine.
  7. dave

    dave Well-Known Member

    RE: providian is ok for buildi


    I started out with the classic and received the gold last year. Since there is no difference in the terms, I think both the classic and gold are subprime. The gold card is by invitation only.

    You can always negotiate terms with Providian regardless of the color of the card. You won't get better terms without asking and you may have to go through the charade of threatening to close the account to get them.
    If your "lates" are recent, wait a while before you try this. At least six months.

    I don't know if Providian upgrades from gold to platinum. I've asked that question on this board before but never got an answer. I know that they haven't sent me any offers.

    Right now my account is at 19.8 with a grace period and no annual fee. I'm ready to ask for better terms but may not get them because I'm not using the card much and since I pay it off each month, they they aren't making any money.

    Mainly, I like the card because it has a high limit which attracts other high limit offers. It also helps to improve my credit utilization ratio.

    I do have kind of a soft spot for this company because they helped me rebuild and they are very generous about increases.

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