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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cyprigirl, Nov 5, 2001.

  1. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    This has been quite a weekend!

    If the board will excuse me, but I am very excited and happy about making the credit breakthru.

    I was approved for AMEX (YES!), sorry still in dreamland!, Target Visa, Household Platinum and now I am a new Bank of America holder.

    I also toast others on the board who have enjoyed credit success this weekend, it is a testament to this board that you can pull yourself out of credit hell, and get the credit you deserve.

    So don't give up newbies, keep pluggin away, it took me a year to get to this point, but to tell you the truth, it was worth it because the victory is all the more sweeter especially when the snotty credit managers keep telling you are not good enough to get their card or tell you their decisions are final or to apply back in six months and we may reconsider you, ha!

    Or credit bureaus telling the account was VERIFIED!!!!

    Or CA , it has to stay on your file 7 to 10 years, we cannot have it removed, ha!

    Again much props and thanks to this AWESOME board for the guidance and support!

    Thank you :)

  2. monicagee

    monicagee Well-Known Member

    Congrats Cypri!!!
    Your credit success is outstanding and makes me what to stay on the road toward credit success.
  3. tom2129

    tom2129 New Member

    Wow, this is encouraging. You must be pretty proud. I'm suprised more people don't realize that they really can get things back on track, if they're willing to put some time into it.
  4. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    Congrats Cypri!
    More Happy Wiggle!

    -Peace, Dave
  5. PsychDoc

    PsychDoc Well-Known Member

    Way to go, Cyprigirl!!! Now you need to get your boyfriend to help you get a VISA from a Cyprus bank. (For some reason, I think it would be very cool to carry a card from some exotic faraway place.)

  6. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    Thank you guys and gals!

    It is just this feeling that things will be ok now, before this board I did not know the credit game, but as creditwork always says EXERCISE YOUR CREDIT!

    I want to be control of my credit not these CCC controlling it for me and jerking me around. Those days are over!

    Doc, you're right that would be cool, I am definitely going to inquire about that, I think their main bank is Hellenos Bank or something like that,, lol

    But you know what I think would be really snooty, is the Harrods card, americans can apply it for in the store. I even thought about it while I was there, but I thought I am not a resident I would not be able to get the card. Then I went on the harrods website and it says non-residents from the U.S. can apply, isn't it a lovely thought that the three stooges can follow us across the atlantic.

    But when I am in London again I will most definitely apply for it. hehehe! I had to digress for a moment!

  7. mindylou

    mindylou Well-Known Member

    Congratulations Cypri, you are on quiet a roll this weekend. ROLL CYPRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm so HAPPY for you:)

  8. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    Cool Cypri! I banked at BofA for TEN YEARS and they NEVER graced me with one of their cards....and I had good credit back then! Whatever....
  9. BigH

    BigH Guest

    Excellent. The Bank of America Platinum product is
    very good. I have had great customer service. Nov
    is my one year anniversary with them and at 6mos
    I got a no hard inq increase of 1500. and just rec'd
    another one of the same amount. Bal Trans 6.9
  10. Newcomer

    Newcomer Well-Known Member

    Congrats! I received my B of A visa in the mail on saturday:)
  11. leo728

    leo728 Well-Known Member

  12. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Go Cypri!!!
  13. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  14. bailey

    bailey Well-Known Member

    Cypri do you know roughly what score you had to get the BofA card?? And what card did you receive ??

  15. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    I had a 696 score and I got the Visa Classic and my card is reporting already on Tu and I have not gotten the card yet and they did my my balance transfer already, BOA is awesome!!!! I think this will be a great relationship!!!

  16. bailey

    bailey Well-Known Member

    Thank you. They usually pull TU for me and I am still a tad bit under 650, so I will wait a bit, now if they pulled either of the other 2 I would have a good chance.
  17. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    Wait bailey I am wrong on my EQ it was a 696 on my TU I am around 656 and both Chase and BOA approved me with that score, so you should give it try.

    Sorry about the mix up!

  18. cariba

    cariba Well-Known Member


    You are on a definite roll--CONGRATULATIONS!!


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