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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by joey123, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. joey123

    joey123 Well-Known Member

    well as i wrote before in an earlier post amex declined me for there personal card...however I figured I would give the gm card a shot sonce my eq was 712 at the time...Called there new accounts line today and automated system said "congratulations you are approved....2000 cl....Im kinda happy...Just for future reference how would you rate the gm card from personal experiance...Ive heard good and bad about every company ...Are they halfway decent?...also what do you think would be the best way to use the more than 25% utilization and pay balance down to around $50 bucks every month? that pretty good?....tia
  2. Nestea

    Nestea Well-Known Member

    they suck.

    good luck with themn anyway :)
  3. joey1123

    joey1123 Well-Known Member

    could you elaborate a little further?...Any things I should watch out for?
  4. catnap1972

    catnap1972 Well-Known Member

    Unprovoked rate jack!

    Ask George would say, make sure you have another option to move any balances to if necessary.

    (have they pulled this crap on Corvette cards?)
  5. joey1123

    joey1123 Well-Known Member

    ouch...well i guess all i can do is see first hand...if they do jack my rate sometime in the future i can transfer the balance if any to my fleet card...How are they with cl increases?.,..they started me with 2k akthough i would like a little more
  6. alent1234

    alent1234 Well-Known Member

    I have a GM card and can't complain about anything.
  7. joey123

    joey123 Well-Known Member

    thats good to hear alent...i am looking forward to getting the far there cust srvce seems good
  8. cibomatto

    cibomatto Well-Known Member

    I have it a GM card. and so far I love it. I pretty much pay it off in full everymonth.

    I have accumilated about $85 dollars in rewards...
    not bad...

    I think I have a 3k CL which is just fine I am not too concerned with an increase with this one. My highest balence ever is 500...
  9. Jaboom97

    Jaboom97 Well-Known Member

    I have a Gm card since Januray 2003, Initial cl 4,000.00, I have no complaints, and did pay the balance off in full. Took advantage of a bt check for 0% for six months. It will expire shortly, and I will pay off the balance I have the lowest interest tier 9.99%

    This is a rewards card, so after non promotional items like 0% it makes sense not to carry a balance, so you can take advantage of the intended GM rewards and not pay F/c. Therefore, if they were to jack the rate up on me( I don't know why, but if they did) I don't feel it would matter much since I use the rewards card the way it was intended to. I do agree though it would be insulting, since I am a good paying customer.

    I just want the enw card design. I have the design with the GM logo diaganal, but if you go to the GM website they show newer designs. Has anyone approved lately received the new design?
  10. nickpaige

    nickpaige Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: approved for gm card

    They took my 0% for 6mos BT away! I received this card in May - and the first month, June, was 0% interest - but I know receive my July stmt and there's a Finance Charge on there! I should pay no interest until November! I'm gonna have to call 'em and get this straightened out. Any suggestions?
  11. Jaboom97

    Jaboom97 Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: approved for gm card

    Did you make a charge on the account after you BT, did you carry a balance and not pay it off in full before the BT. If yes, then that is why as even if you make a payment the payment is applied to the balance with the lower interest rate in this case 0%, so if you have an adb on normal purchases you would have to pay off the entire BT rate and then go after the purchase balance. Otherwise all payments will be applied to your BT of 0%

    If no I would call GM card to see what is up?

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