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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mvfl, Mar 5, 2001.

  1. mvfl

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    I cannot believe it! They just approved me online for a $200 credit limit. Although I deleted several negative items last year from my CRA's, I still have a few baddies (some recent) but I do have several older accounts on my report that are closed with paid/never late. I only recently started to establish positive credit. Now that I have the Target card, I think I have enough lines and will not apply for anything else for at least 6 months to a year. Here's what I have open:

    Auto loan Opened 10/99 (one 30 day late, one 60 day oops)
    Cap1 Opened 3/00 $200 limit (one 30 day late 8/00 oops!)
    1st Premier Opened 1/01 $400 limit never late
    First National Opened 1/01 $250 limit never late
    Orchard Opened 2/01 $300 limit never late
    Target Opened 3/01 $200 limit never late (obviously)
    Texaco Opened 5/00 $300 limit never late

    Currently, Texaco does not report but I've heard they will if you request it. I plan to request it since it's almost a year old and the extra $300 available can boost my scores

    I pay the cards off monthly. Cap1 told me to call back in a couple of months for an increase.

    I know those lates on the car payment and cap1 are hurting me, but maybe I can convince them to delete the lates. I will try. At least I am confident it won't happen again now that I am dedicated to cleaning my credit. It shouldn't have happened in the first place - I was just lazy about sending payments and I just had the attitude "I don't care since my credit sucks anyway." Until I found this board and others and learned I CAN repair it.
  2. Slim

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    Texaco would not report to the CRAs when I asked them to. I closed and use my AMEX for gas purchases, since I never revolved a balance on my Texaco anyway.
  3. mvfl

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    There was a post the other day about this and a few people talked to them and they said they would report. I think it depends on which bank your Texaco card is financed through. I think they use 2 - Associates and I don't know the second one. Which is your's through?
  4. Slim

    Slim Guest

    It was thru Associates, but thinking back, it could because I never revolved a balance. Maybe they didn't want to go thru all the hassel for someone who doesn't carry a balance. Hope you have better luck, since I was disappointed that they did not report.
  5. AnnMarie

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    I was talking about Texaco the other day--they actually offered to report for me....I was late one month and was concerned about it hitting my credit report---that's when I found out their policy :)
  6. mvfl

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    I usually carry a small balance on the card for no reason, but I would like to have it reported. Of course, with my luck they'll say no but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  7. roni

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    Why in the world are you carrying on exchanges with this person. I guess advise is advise.

  8. mvfl

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    Just trying to get the right info.
  9. Paul

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    Because I really am not a bad person
  10. roni

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