Are credit reports for real?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bkonner, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. bkonner

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    I am having doubts that the records and information we receive from the three credit bureaus is the same report and information that the lenders get.

    About eighteen months ago I was denied a truck loan. I could not believe this. I discovered there were a couple of credit cards on the report that I did not have. They were of course not being paid, and were two years overdue. One of the reports even listed a bankruptcy. I have never declared bankruptcy. In any event, I got this all cleared up with the bank They were not helpful until the Boston Consumer Affairs office got involved. I eventualy got a letter from them that claims I was the victim of credit card fraud. This did seem a little too easy considering this was credit card fraud--but I accepted it; resolved!. I then got copies of my three credit reports, and they were accurate. This was almost eighteen months ago. Three months ago I pulled my report, and the bankruptcy and two credit cards that were not mine, were not listed. I assumed everything was ok.

    My sister is buying a house I inherited. My records were pulled by her mortgage broker. They listed a bankruptcy of mine. How can this be possible. The credit report I received had no bankruptcy or late credit card listings, then this week my sister's mortgage broker pulled my account from somewhere, perhaps not a credit report, and there is some type of cancelled bankruptcy. I have never declared bankruptcy, so what they are canceling is news to me (sorry for being somewhat dramatic--it really annoys me this apparently has not been fixed!!!).

    Again, my credit report does not show any bankruptcy and a mortgage broker's does. Is the credit report we receive from the three credit agencies for real? I am doubting it.

  2. lbrown59

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    How much money is being applied for?
    If it's over a certain amount it will show these items on the report the bank pulls.
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    it shouldn't matter how much is being applied for. What's basically being said is that there are two different reports being generated...the "consumer" one and the "lender" one...and somehow, the lender one has crap on there that just ain't true.

    I've wondered about this too...i know, depending on how much, they can look back farther (I think I read that here somewhere) but to have 2 radically different reports is just plain fishy..

    DB :)
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    Re: Re: Are credit reports for real?

    But it does
  5. DaveyBoy

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    Re: Re: Are credit reports for real?


    Anyone know if what the diff is between "our" reports and those of lenders?

    DB :)
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    Re: Re: Re: Are credit reports for real?

    the trouble might be that the consumer pulled reports such as credit expert instead of my fico reports your lender will pull a 3in 1 from a fico report ..... heres something else a car dealer pulls a auto inhanced fico score what ever that is ///// but the score is usually higher than real fico score....

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