Are there any banks that don't

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Robin, Jun 6, 2000.

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    Does Compass Bank go through ChexSystems? I just read at the website for chexvictims(thanks to spyguyjim) that Compass
    Bank doesn't go through them? Any others around the Orlando area?? And what is the deal with credit unions? Can anyone join them. Please let me know :eek:)

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    RE: Are there any banks that d

    Credit Unions will still pull a credit report to determine if you qualify for a ATM/Debit card. The standards on the score are generally lower than banks. Try Mid Florida Federal Credit Union, anyone can join. Let me know if you have any successes in this venue. If you are not concerned about a local bank, try or They are internet banks, but they will usually open an account for past credit problems.
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    RE: Are there any banks that d

    I disagree--or maybe this varies according to the state you live in.

    First of all, every credit union has it's own criteria as to what qualifies you to join. Some are affiliated with a particular employer and only employees can join, others are with particular unions, etc. For example, where I live, there is one for any teacher or in the teacher's union, there's one for all state employees, and the one I belong to is for anyone who lives in the county.

    Mine did call Chexsystems because it is their policy to do so, but I told them I was on it beforehand. They still let me open it on a probationary period of 1 year. Although they gave me an ATM card right away, I was afraid to ask for a debit card (with Mastercard logo)right away because I was sure they'd turn me down after doing a credit check. So finally about a year ago (I've been with them for about 6 years) I got up the nerve to ask. They do not run a credit check of any kind and simply because I was a member for over a year and was in good standing, I received one! I have to say that I was very leary and was convinced that she was wrong, but sure enough, about 1-2 weeks later, I got my card! They did not do a credit check, believe me---my credit is the abosulte worst--especially then although it's better now. I can't even qualify for a Target card--only secured cards. So just do like I did and call around--be honest with them--talk to the branch manager and find out if they are willing to work with you. Good luck!
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    RE: Are there any banks that d

    Does anyone know of any banks in the Atlanta area that does not use Chexsystems?

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