are there creditcards for peop

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Sunette, Sep 3, 2000.

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    hey there all you funky people!!!
    im just wondering if there are any creditcards for teens like of the age 15???
    if so!! please name one!!! or give me a site were i can get that creditcard!!
    im looking because i want to buy me some stuff on the internet and i need a creditcard for doing that!! and i dont want to lend my fathers credit card the hole time!!
    so please hhheeelllpppp!!!
  2. dave

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    RE: are there creditcards for

    Capital One has a card for high school students. Check the website at I don't recommend this bank for grownups establishing credit (see post above yours) but I think it would be OK for what you want to do. You will need an adult to cosign. Good luck, spend wisely, pay on time, and it's ok to be funky.
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    RE: are there creditcards for

    You cannot get a credit card just under your own name, because minors cannot be held legally responsible for contracts. Basically, the credit card issuer couldn't sue you if you ran up a debt and didn't pay.

    Capital One at least used to have a "high school student" card, which would have to be co-signed by your parent(s), meaning that they would be legally responsible for the card debt. Maybe they still offer it. I don't know if that type of account will help you establish a credit file of your own, but it couldn't hurt.

    A second option would be to get a checking account at local bank (also co-signed by your parent), with a Visa- or MasterCard- branded ATM/debit card, which you could use wherever Visa/MasterCard are accepted, and would be limited by the funds in the checking account.

    Another option would be a pre-paid account, where your parents (or you, if you have/get a job) place money into an account that *looks* like a credit card number, and can be used for online purchases. I will be adding some of those to my *Credit Directory* section at the site below, as soon as possible. Check it out in a day or two.

    Good Luck.

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    RE: are there creditcards for

    Capital One still offers the high school card. Although a debit card is another option, it has a major disadvantage. If you charge something on a credit card and don't get the goods or they are defective, you may be able to get your money back by disputing the charge with the merchant and card issuer. With a debit card, you can't do this. It's like paying cash.
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    RE: are there creditcards for

    Hey There...

    Have your dad checkout

    That should solve your probs.



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