Are they FRAUD???? anyone hav

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    In DECEMBER I Filled out their approval letter and sent the $45 fee and now it's APRIL and still I have nothing from them....The phone # is either always busy or it rings once and automatically HANGS UP!!! Anyone got their applications ????
    What should I do? Was this FRAUD???
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    RE: Are they FRAUD???? anyone

    Call the bank at their main # 732-729-1100. Tell them you want to speak to someone from credit cards. I don't think it's a scam, they just don't have their act together yet.
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    RE: Are they FRAUD???? anyone

    Hey what a fool you are ? First of all you expect a Millenium Bank to offer you a credit card ?Come on get real , the first time you get a good credit card you don't pay bill on time or you don't pay pay bill? How they expect to send you a credit card.Well now you deserve a Millenium bank to rip you with 45 dollar processing fee, you deserve it babe..!! hahah ((^_*)) well can help it ... Well take a lost fool..
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    RE: Are they FRAUD???? anyone

    Sorry to hear about the non-response to your application and problems you have experienced with the telephone number. We are adding additional telephone lines and staff to handle the larger than expected response to our applications. To follow-up on your application please e-mail your name, address and application number (if known or social security number if you don't have application number) to; explain the problem you are having and it will be resolved.
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    RE: Are they FRAUD???? anyone

    I to have filled out an ap for them and received nothing.

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