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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Marie, Apr 3, 2001.

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    Aria is marketing the Destination Unlimited program w/their cards. I accepted it several weeks ago before going on vacation.

    When I got back I had received my welcome package, so I called to see if I could really access the extra 200 in emergency credit (I already have a Prov Visa and have accessed all their free credit w/Programs on that card).
    I truly believed they wouldn't give me the extra credit on my Aria account since I'd used it on my Prov Visa. Guess what?

    I GOT IT!!! 200 again. FREE Thanks Aria. Guess the Aria / Prov line is segregated enough to work those programs twice.

    Now, before you even ask, NO: Health Advantage isn't available yet to Aria cardholders (it was the only other program that gave you emergency credit you could access and KEEP even if you cancelled the program).

    I'm sure they'll eventually add it though. You've gotta love Providian marketing :)

    So go forth and reap your extra free 200 line increases from Aria :)

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