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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Len, Mar 15, 2000.

  1. Len

    Len Guest

    I think someone on the old board asked this, but I never saw a response.
    I received an e-mail from Aria offering me a $1000 credit increase for a $49 fee. I accepted by e-mail reply, as instructed, but haven't received the increase or been charged the fee. It's been over a month and I've called, but the answers have been vague ("you'll get a letter", "in process"). I wrote Aria 10 days ago and am waiting.
    Anyone have experience with this?
  2. Darrel

    Darrel Guest


    It's hard to account for the runaround a person sometimes gets with Providian. My account, which is 6 months old, was never even reviewed for an increase. A review was promised after the third month.

    The CSR practically choked herself trying to explain this on the phone.

    In case you're interested: Aria will negotiate lower rates if you've been a good customer.

    The CSR WON'T do this for you. He or she will tell you it can't be done, but I'm proof it can be done.

    Here's how I did it: I asked a CSR for a better rate. She checked with a supervisor, who said no.

    I then said I'd like to close my account. The CSR switched me to another department. A new CSR came on asked why I wanted to close the account. I said I'd tried to negotiate a better rate, but had been unable to do so and that another bank had offered me 17.9 percent.

    She immediately said she'd give me 16.9 percent. I accepted and thanked her for working with me to keep my business.

    My rate dropped from 23.99 percent to 16.99 in a single phone call.
  3. Len

    Len Guest

    Thanks for the info on your rate negotiation. I'm afraid that if I bargain by saying I'd like to close my account, it will be closed:) I think I'll wait on that, but congratulations on your success.
    As for my credit increase, it is really frustrating not to be able to get a straight answer from these people.
  4. Caroline

    Caroline Guest

    I just experienced this myself. I called them up everyday and was told that if i mailed it out on 2/1/00, i must wait 30 days for it to post. everyday, i would get the name of the person i had spoken to and write down the time called. on 3/1/00 it still didnt post and when i called up they had noted it on my account that i had called everyday because they have to log it in. most dont but if you ask them for their name and extension so that you can call them direct regarding this increase, then they will log it in. they gave me my increase that night without the processing fee.

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