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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CR, Apr 18, 2001.

  1. CR

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    Hi all,

    I have had Aria since 11/00. I have yet to see anything change as far as the credit limit goes. I have called a few times and the best I did was to have the annual fee waived and the interest rate drop to 19.8. Is there anything more I can do to move the increase along? Each time I've called the rep tells me that I am a "dream" customer but that I would have to wait until AFTER the 4th billing cylce. The 4th billing cycle has come and gone (March) and here I am with the same $500.00 credit limit. How long was it before most of you saw an increase?

    Thanks for listening,
  2. dd

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    You haven't even had the account for 6 months! Don't you think you're asking for too much??

    I assume that with an Aria and with a $500 limit, that your credit isn't nice. It will take time...
  3. Cadillac408

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    My friend got Aria as her first card in like Feb 99. Limit was $250 and then after like 5 months they gave her a $500 increase that she had to pay $49 for but they gave her an extra $50 increase to cover that. Then just recently they sent her an increase deal for $500 for $49 fee (also gave her a $100 increase for no reason) but they would give her an extra $50 increase to cover that. Right now her limit is $900 and if she accepts this offer, it will be $1450. I know her situation w/ her finances, etc. and I told her not to accept the offer that she probably couldn't handle that kind of limit w/o getting in trouble. She then told me that she had not been using this card and that she's been paying it down ($60/mo payments) and that this would help her limit to balance ratio look very attractive if she accepts this offer (I taught her this!). She's correct but I still told her to wait. I think she took the offer anyway. But then get this.....we go to Target and she buys like $50 worth of stuff and tries to use her Aria card and it's DECLINED!!!! I was standing right there and I just walked away.....I was embarassed. She grabbed the card back and immediately gave the checker her visa debit card and said something to the effect of her payment must of not went through or something. I'm thinking, said that you had not been using this card, paying it down, etc. Now it's declined for $50????? She must of been counting on that increase to come through!!!!!!!!! What responsible person w/ credit cards doesn't have $50 available credit on a card w/ a $900 limit????? OH BOY!!
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    For those of you that follow my posts, etc. this is the friend that has the following:

    Aria - Limit $1450 (soon I guess)
    Capital One - Limit $800
    Associates - Limit $500
    Macy's - Limit $800
    High Risk Auto loan w/ a finance company
    1 collection on Experian for $120 bounced check
    No lates, no over the limits, always pays more than the mininum

    Recently applied for MBNA and filled out balance tranfer options to get rid of I think Associates and Capital One and was DENIED!

    FICO Score: 515!

    I know I know.....I'm trying to help her but you know how some people have to learn on their own. :-\
  5. Ray

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    Re: Also...

    The reason they gave you only $500.00 because you must have bad credit and they don't want you to burn them.
  6. Anon

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    Re: Also...

    Boy that makes sense. Thanks for explaining it to us Ray!

    Also, you left out the word "was."
  7. Ray

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    Re: Also...

    That is why people are here to get credit cards and max them out and cry because the credit bureaus want remove the negative account so I can go out and SCREW another credit card company or whoevery will give me credit.
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    Re: Also...


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