Aria is screwing me!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SamiKat, Sep 23, 2000.

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    A couple of months ago when I got my billing statement from Aria it said that my account was past due, I thought this was very strange because I'm very diligent about paying them. So I called my bank and found out that they cashed a check to Aria! So I called Aria and told them the situation. They told me to just fax a copy of the front and back of the check to them and everything would get worked out. Well, it's been near two months now and they still haven't credited my account for the late fee or the check that I sent them. I call every other day and every other day I get a different story! They are pretty much refusing to admit to their error and credit me the money that I already paid them! I'm so mad, I've done everything short of threatening to kill the customer service dumbasses. I'd really like to cancel this worthless card, but I will not pay off the portion of the balance that includes the late fee, the money I already paid them or the finance charges. I'm at my wit's end. What can I do?
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    1. I would call and speak to a supervisor. The customer service personnel probably do not have time to go offline & handle the problem themselves. They more than likely submit an investigation form or send an e-mail to the dept. that is supposed to handle this type of situation. A supervisor should be able to communicate directly with the investigation dept. & place a rush on this issue.

    2. If that does not work, I would write a letter to the address on the back of your statement explaining the problem. Include a front and back copy of your canceled check along with your account #. Submitting a written letter usually works wonders. Make sure to keep a copy of the letter you send.

    I hope this helps you. Good luck & keep us informed! :)
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    Sami remember while you don't have to pay the amount you already paid, or the interest and late fees. You do still have to pay any other amounts due to them by at least paying the minimum payment.

    If a supervisor dosen't help get a number for the corporate office, and ask to speak with someone in the office of the president.

    I guarantee you they will make it right, and I would also ask for compensation for this in the form of a waiving of next years fee, and a reduction in your interest rates!
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    It is absolutely essential that you write them and make a formal dispute. Most account agreements state this. You can call them and hear their promises, but then they can break those promises. You can even call them and get a fee reversed, only to have some financial type reinstate the fee the next day. You need to write them to preserve your legal rights.
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    THat's why I don't mess around with sending checks, etc. Most of my credit cards (except for Associates Bank) I can pay on line. Recently I just added Macy's and Bloomingdales to pay on-line through First USA is another one that is screwing me on paying on-line. They claim that since I closed my account but am still paying off the balance, that closed accounts aren't eligable for on-line payment! WHatever! I decided to jump on the on-line payment bandwagon after I started reading the messages boards about companies screwing people like they did you! I want to make sure that my payment is received on time all the time with no hassles or worries.
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    You can also go to and use them to do on line payments if you are not able to access you account directly, along with alot of banks (that your checking account is at) will have on-line bill pay too
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    You can also have your bank send them a letter stating that the check was cashed. This seems to work better that you sending a copy of the check yourself. Most people dont know this but if a creditor says they never received a check and it was cashed by your bank then your bank may be able to resolve it for you. youre bank can and will threaten aria with legal action because they are holding your payment which is illegal.

    For example I hold a checking account with citibank> i also use citibanks bill payment service to pay my credit card bills. my check was cashed on 5/1/00 as of 5/10 my credit card statement showed that they never received the check. I called the credit card company several times just like you did they kept telling me they where investigating it. Eventually I called citibank. They sent a letter to the credit card company and told them that my check was cashed. when I called my credit card company they said they never received any letter. I called citibank back. this time citibank sent them a letter stating that my check was cashed and if they didnt credit it and all related charges to my account they would take legal action and accuse them of holding my payment. which i said earlier was illegal. Within a week after that the payment was credited to my account and the company sent me a letter of apollogy.

    I dont know if your bank will do this for you . But it doesnt hurt to try.

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