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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CR, Mar 5, 2001.

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    I followed some more advice and called retention directly. The first rep told me that they MAY make an offer at the end of the month to increase my credit limit, but she couldn't say for certain. She stated that most increases happen after the fourth billing(I'm 4 days short of that). That was the best they could do at this time.

    So.... I tried the I'll call later routine. I tried a 1/2 later and got a very nice rep who indicated that I should have no problem receiving an increase letter sometime in the middle of this month. She said based on my payment history, I shouldn't have any problems. She said "You're exactly what we want for a customer". But, I couldn't get her to commit to anything or increase anything. I did ask her about the APR, but she never even mentioned it after I did. I never once said I wanted to close the account (Actually, I really want to keep this one based on all the information I've read here AND they gave me the most unsecured limit of anyone so far!).

    Any ideas or suggestions? Should I just wait it out a while longer? Thanks for listening.

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    Re: Aria Limit Increase - Upda

    They won't increase the limit over the phone. If you call to close they will offer you something to get you to stay. Lower APR, grace period, something. But you have to call and say you are calling to close.
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    Wait 5 days then call again

    The Aria retention is the Prov San Antonio retention center. They've been as honest and nice and helpful to me as I would ever want customer service to be.

    If you're just interested in the line increase, call back in 5 days and you'll get it. Ask for 2k. You'll prob get at least 1K.

    Maybe they were just focusing in on the line increase. Do you have a Prov card? if so, give them a reason to help you. Use the website issue. I think about it this way, if someone wants better terms, I'd probably want them to earn it too. But if someone has a legitimate gripe about my website, then I know I have to WORK to keep them and that's fair. Any time you can give them a reason to help you and feel good about it, use that reason. I had to be careful b/c I think I was originally coming off as just working the system.. which I was :)

    Try again. Tell them you have a friend who's in the exact same situation and she was very happy when Aria rebated the annual fee and gave her 19.8%... try try again. With Aria and Providian, you will win if you have persistence. :)

    Have fun w/it.

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