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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by S.D., Jan 10, 2001.

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    FYI, I received my Aria Persona (23.99%, no grace, $49 processing fee, $89 annual fee, 0% for 2 months) about 1-2 weeks ago. I called them yesterday to negotiate the terms, possibly waive my ann fee. I spoke to a supervisor and he was nice, but would not budge. I told him I had a CapOne offer with better terms,etc. and he said he knew that 23.99 is high, but if I'd just give them a chance, I can negotiate around 6-8 months into having the card. I told them I was thinking about closing the account after the two months of 0% was up, but nothing. He asked if I knew about the increases of $500-$1000 every three months. He said there would be fees attached to the increases, but said they could be waived. So since I already paid for the damn card I might as well keep it and try to bargain with them later. after all, I've only had the card for a couple of weeks.=P Hope someone else w/ this card has better luck than I did.
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    I had the card a year, never late, never over the limit, always paid more than the minimum but the bset they would do is 19%. They would not waive the annual fee and wouldn't give me a grace period, so I closed the account.
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    That's odd!

    I just applied for the same card and got the Persona at 23.99% after 2 months at 0%. But my card has a 25 day grace period, no annual fee or processing fee. Does Aria waive the processing and annual fee if you have decent enough credit or did you apply for the card through a pre-approved offer?

    Just curious.
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    RE: That's odd!

    I applied online and was approved in 30 seconds. I think it depends on your credit history. They must have different terms for the Persona card. I think I got the worst deal possible with them. I plan on keeping them for a year since I already paid the processing fee and the annual fee, but if I can't get decent terms within a year, bye bye Aria.
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    RE: That's odd!

    I cancelled mine as soon as I got it.($89 annual fee, no grace, $500 limit) I called them to negotiate but the rep said there was nothing she could do, their decision was based on my credit report. Funny, I just got a Platinum Discover 6K limit 2 days before in the mail. And Discover is only my 2nd card ever. Makes you wonder...
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