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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by C, Jul 9, 2000.

  1. C

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    I recently tried the online instant approval of Aria Visa and was given the Persona. It said that I would have an unsecured line of $500 but would have to pay an $89 annual fee. I don't want to do this. They did also state however that if I wasn't completely satisfied, that I could return the card no questions asked. I would do so, but I really need the credit, although I don't need it so badly as to pay $89 a year for it. Do you think Providian might take an alternative? Instead, could I perhaps ask for the Portrait Visa instead? It would still be a winning situation for them, as the interest is still capped over 20%, but it would be a winning situation for me as I would have no annual fee. Do you think this would be something they might go for or would they rather I not be a customer at all and never make any money off of me? Thanks.
  2. Steven Z

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    I commented on this in a post several months back

    where I felt that they stick you with this card if you have so much as one 30-day late 6 years 11 months back, mainly so that they can nail you with the HUGE annual fee, possibly a participation fee, no grace period and of course that FAT 23.99% APR.

    As far as the Aria Portrait is concerned its a sub-prime card which Providian calls a prime card, so unless your writing skills are exemlatory(sp) or you have a silver tongue chances are slim indeed. But no harm in trying.

    P.S., last year I proposed on the board sending in an application with an addendum (perhaps directly to their legal department) stating that I would in no way, manner or form accept the Personna card and must only be considered for the Portrait or above. The responses highly indicated that my application would be discarded "out of hand". Coincidentally, at that period of time there were several Providian reps (trolls perhaps) posting, none of whom would respond to this even when queried directly.
  3. C

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    Well I'm gonna try. They said I could return the Persona if I was not completely satisfied, and I will, cut up into itty bitty pieces along with my letter stating that I want the Portrait instead.
  4. Stormie

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    There's no harm in trying. When you recieve your card contact them right away. Tell them you would like your account converted to the Portrait card. I believe they are the same in appearance so it should be just a switch in the computer. Perhaps you could speak to a supervisior who may be able to assist you. Not all reps may be farmilar with all their policies and proceedures ect. If not maybe it would be possible to get a lower annual fee. I noticed that they have a flucation scale for that. It appears to be related to your credit situation. I believe it said the annual fee could be between 39-89 dollars. You may wish to go back to their website and check into that so you'll be prepared to negotiate with them. Good luck, hope they will be willing to make some sort of adjustment for you.
  5. Mick

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    Persona or Portrait who cares? If you want and need the card get it. I have the Providian classic card and they reduced the APR interest and I have the Persona card with the 23.9 interest and guess what I will promise you I WILL NOT PAY THE ANNUAL FEE when it becomes due they will have negotiate with me to keep my business.
  6. Stormie

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    I'm amazed to see these banks lowering the APR on request. How did you go about doing it ?
  7. colin

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    Hey C - Call Aria and ask that the fee be waived. You'll probably get it waived for at least the first year.

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