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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mt, Apr 6, 2001.

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    I have called the retention dept. several times for my aria (persona - you know, the card w/ no grace period!) here are my results:
    1) Called 3 mo. from receipt, have always paid the card in full. Initial credit line, $500. The rep lowered the APR from 24.99 to 16.9.
    2) Called approx. 4 mo. later, asked again for grace period, no go, rep gave a $1k increase, credit line now $1500.
    3) Called this month, asked AGAIN for grace period, was told that the card will probably never have a grace period, however, upon my anniversary date (in June) that I would qualify for a different (I believe she said gold card) product with better terms. The rep. asked if I would like the annual fee reversed or another $1k increase. Since I do not have a balance, I took the increase, credit line now $2500.

    Okay, now I wish that Capital One was so easy to work with... I would love to combine my accounts (2 Gold, 1 secured and 1 K-Mart Mastercard), but I do not think I'm speaking with the correct people when I call. I think maybe I'll try the planetfeedback route with Cap 1.

    This board is great, keep up the good posts!
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    Re: aria/providian comment, ca

    I asked Cap 1 about combining cards and they said that first off, both cards have to be at least six months old and they can't be private label cards--specialty is the word they used I believe.
    So you can combine the golds but not the KMart with any of the cards.
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    Re: aria/providian comment, ca

    AnnMarie, thanks for the info!

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