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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jpm, Dec 12, 2000.

  1. jpm

    jpm Guest

    Has anyone exeprienced an upgrade with this card? My experience with the card (Persona opened 6/99 for $500 limit) currently $3,600 limit.
    Has anyone been upgraded to their Portrait card OR if your credit limit has exceeded $5K to their Platinum card? Thanks in advance for any responses.
  2. skip

    skip Guest

    I have no experience with upgrades yet, have had my card since 8/99.Was wondering how you got all your increases. Mine has only increased once , they sent me one of those credit line increases for $1000.00. Started with $1000.00.Did you ask for your increases,By phone, Online, they send you increases?
  3. jpm

    jpm Guest

    I didn't recieve any of the promotional increases for close to a year after opening the acct, however I did receive unsolicited incrreases of a couple hundred dollars here and there. When I called about a year after opening the acct I questioned why I never received and promos and I was given a $1500 increase. Three months later (last week) I called about my rate and was given an additional $1000. I also received a $500 offer in the mail this week for $99 however I am going to decline as I'm sure that I can call in early Spring and obtain an additional $1000-$1500. They seem to be quite liberal with their credit line increases as many have stated on this board.
  4. RJM

    RJM Guest

    I've had my Aria card for a year and 4 months, and I've received 3 credit increases. Initially, the acct had a $500 limit, then 6 months later it was increased to $1500. Now, every 4 months they offer increases of $500, All for a fee of $99 of course!
  5. TK

    TK Guest

    I've had my aria card since july 2000 . I started with $500.00, and recieved an increase of 250.00 in november, and an increase of 1000.00 in december. Not bad. But the interest rate is a bit high. I plan on negotiating a better rate next year. If they don't reduce it, i'll close it. I have a providian card with them which they lowered the apr significantly and waived the annual fees too. Hopefully they'll do it with this one too. It would be nice if they'd change the card itself- it's ugly ! LOL not that it matters much.

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