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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by JennyG, Apr 17, 2001.

  1. JennyG

    JennyG Guest

    I have a Aria Visa (Providian) with a 1000k limit. It's been 4 months now. How much of a credit line increase can I ask for. Is 1000k more the most I can get??? Anyone ever recieved more at one time. ?????
  2. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    if it's on the same track as Providian.
    They'll give you a 200 increase anytime now.
    followed up by an offer of 1000 w. a fee 49 or so.
    once you get the offer in the mail...
    Call the retention number and just ask for a credit line increase. get them to do it w/out a fee. act like you didn't get the letter and that paying for an increase is ludicrous... it is.

    then, after you get this 1200 increase total...

    sign up for destination unlimited. 149 cost w/a 150 credit line increase to cover it.

    so now your line is 2350

    wait 2 weeks or so. get the info in the mail
    Call up and activate the extra 200 credit line increase (tell them you're using the program for car repairs that cost 300 or so). they give you an extra 200 for "emergencies" like car repairs.

    so now your line is 2550

    the 200 extra credit is yours to keep regardless of whether you keep the program or not. Ah ha!!!

    cancel the program a week later or so. They'll refund the 149 program fee and take away the 150 line increase that came w/it... but you keep the 200 as a thank you.

    so now your line is 2400. ;)

    BUT, if you don't call up and activate the extra credit line... you won't get it automatically. you'll just go back to 2200 (instead of 2400)

    Make sure to do the destination unlimited program AFTER you get the 1200 total posted to your account. About the time you call and take the 1000 increase (but w/no fee) order the destination unlimited program.


    (on the back of their BIG credit line offers it states "not valid if you've gotten 250+ increase in the last 120 days") so if you want that 1000 increase you can't have had a 400 increase w/in 120 days.. but their free 200 is ok :)

    that will be 1400 increase in a month or so. :) all free

    Wait 120 days... and it'll happen again.
    you'll see a pattern
    200 free
    followed by a 1000 offer or so w/fees attached to it

    always call up and just ask for a credit line increase (b.c the computer has it sitting there). Make sure when they waive the fee that they note the account. It may post and then need to be reversed.

    Can you tell I have 3 Prov accounts???
  3. JennyG

    JennyG Guest

    Can the 200.00 intial creditline increase can be done before I ask for the 1000.00 increase? Is it really that easy?
  4. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    they WILL give you 200 or so without you asking. just wait. and it will happen before the 1000 increase.

    I'm on the same monthly cycle. you can't ask for it.
    I think they give you 200 to soften you up for the fee they attach to the next creditline increase.

    You will get a free increase... then an offer in the mail several weeks later for a large increase w/a fee attached to it. the key it to get the big increase w/out the fee :)

    My pattern has been 200/1000. Yours could be different but if you started the Aria at 1000 I'm guessing you'll get the same. We'll both see since we're on the same cycles.

    YOU'LL SEE. WAIT until you get the offer in the mail so you know what's in the system... then call back and act like you don't have it and that you want an increase. If they balk, tell them you're closing your acct and they'll give you retention. I tend to just call them directly.
  5. Frank

    Frank Guest

    What is the Aria retention number? I asked to be switched there and the rep said no, because they were not allowed to send customers there.

    If I had the number I would dial directly.
  6. T. Burdine

    T. Burdine Guest

    That would be nice to have, if anyone has it, please post it. I would love to lower my apr on arai like I did on my providian.

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