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    Hello Everyone...
    My wife just got an Aria persona Card for a 500 Limit . she had a BK almost a year old . and Joint Credit Card Account with me. The Fee's are Quiet Exessive But Never the less it's a Surprise that it is un-secured . So she took it . Anyfeed back on that card ?? And could those Fee's be waived ?? I have A providian gold And I've accomplished Great results with them, is aria as leanent as providian.. ?
    Thankx for your responses everyone.
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    Aria is Providian. The same rules on time, stay within your credit limit, and you will be eligible for line increases after four months. Your wife may also want to try Orchard Bank ( and
    see if they will approve (low limit offered initially, but will increase after one year). My limit with orchard started in 9/98 with 1,500 is now $5,ooo @9.9%..
    They have changed their criteria since being bought out by household, but you may want to try.
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    Thankx for the info steve..
    I'll check orchard out .. for her.

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