aspire card 30%interest!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by patrick, Dec 31, 2000.

  1. patrick

    patrick Guest

    Is it legal to charge 30% on a credit card?
    i have this credit card and i regret it. Anyway to get them to lower my rate?
  2. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    Dump this BAD CARD!

    Apply for a Cap 1 or FCNB. Then dump this frigging BAD CARD! They do not even report to credit bureaus.

    You must be making excellent payments...we have read copmplaints here by people getting charged close to 40%.

    That dog won't hunt!!!

    CYA Dogman
  3. netKat

    netKat Guest

    It's legal. And it's also legal when they raise it to 41.50% if you have a late payment.

    Look at the bright side. As long as you pay in full before the due date you will pay 0% APR. Of course, there's the monthly and annual fees though.

    If you aspire to go broke, keep the card. :)

  4. rolo

    rolo Well-Known Member

    I had the card and called and asked for a lower interest rate before I attempted to use it.The rep offered to wave the $85 annual fee but he said theire was nothing he could do about the apr because my account was new.well of course I canceld it.
  5. river

    river Well-Known Member

    Are you aware of this before you agree to the terms and use of this card?
    Do you feel like you were mislead? There should be a law governing these outrageous interest rates,but like Kat said: it's legal. Sad,but true.
  6. netKat

    netKat Guest

    The terms must be disclosed by law, and they are. It's up to us to read them.

    The tricky thing about Aspire is that they disclose a whole slew of different rates and terms, and what you end up with is dependent on your credit worthiness, so you really don't know what you're going to get until they give it.

    Their penalty pricing structure is very aggressive, so if you're not careful, it's pretty easy to end up with an even higher rate than what you got originally.


  7. Saar

    Saar Banned

    If you choose to keep this card, you probably deserve it. Don't even call to negotiate. Call to cancel.

    No company charging this interest rate should stay in business. Help "Aspire" put and end to its misery.


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