Aspire Reports (under duress)

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by TexasDewd, Apr 21, 2001.

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    I'm a 23 y/o who could never qualify for those student offers because I started working more than I was going to college. Since I didn't go to a big-name state university, my personal information wasn't sold off to the CCs. So to obtain some credit my parents had to add me as a second cardholder.

    I'm a computer programmer making $57,000/year. I own a used car. Because I'm under 25 I can't get decent insurance (my driving record is clear). I'm having to pay $1,350 for a 6-month auto policy with $1,000 comp/coll deductibles. And for a long time, because of my age, I couldn't get checks over $500 accepted hardly anywhere even though I had the money in my account and I never bounce. Talk about age descrimination!

    Thanks to Aspire extending a generous $2,000, I was able to furnish my apartment a month at a time. The only other way I could afford to pay for durable goods would have been to cary unsafe amounts of cash with me. The debit cards have annoying daily limits on them which isn't enough to pay for large appliances and furniture and moving companies. Everyone assumes that because you're in your low 20s that all you do is buy clothes and talk on the phone. I hold my own career (I'm going back to school at nights, too), I pay all my bills, and I've been upstanding in all my obligations.

    The kick was, Aspire doesn't report. Or at least, I didn't think they did. I held onto their card long enough to know that the offers that were coming down didn't improve ($100-$250 initial credit limits do me no good except pay for groceries, just another useless card). So I decided to gamble and called to cancel my account. They put me on the usual hold queue and transferred me to their retention department. When they asked why I wanted to cancel I told them it was because they weren't reporting my good account to the bureaus. They told me they would update my report and lower their ungodly rate to a (still ungodly) 23%.

    It's been several months since they've done this, and I now have received cards from HouseHold Bank, and Bank of America for initial limits > $2,500 and a GE card with an initial $8,000. Now that Aspire's reported, I've tossed that card into my junk drawer but I'm leaving the account open to keep my credit ratio down. Hopefully before too long I can cancel all my open accounts except one and turn it into a decent platinum card.

    I'm so happy I found a way to break the credit/age barrier! Soon I will be apartment dwelling no more!
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    Re: Aspire Reports (under dure

    heh what bank do you use? In georgia, the limit on atm cash withdrawals is $700, and i've purchased in excess of $2000 using the visa-check portion of the atm card..
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    Automobile insurance

    I'd like to recommend a great automobile insurance "company" to you called PSASL in California.

    And no, I"m not going to get any commission for telling you about it, and I'm not going to get any decrease in my rates nor even any "brownie points".

    It's an insurance pool deal where all of the members of the pool all are assessed a quarterly assessment based on the value of their vehicle and the total amount of all claims paid out to members.

    My son is 18 years old and he pays about $30 per month, about $90 per quarter. It varies each quarter, but it's never been more than that so far. They don't increase one's rates because of accidents or tickets or anything else. His assessment is for full coverage and liability, not just liability. It has a $600 deductible.

    I pay the same rate on each of my vehicles.

    You have to pay an initial $500 lifetime membership fee and each vehicle you put into the pool will cost you an additional $250 one time only. You can make payments of $50 per month on the above two items if you wish.

    They never cancel you no matter what, even if you get convicted of DUI or something like that. All that happens in that case is they won't pay the claim if drugs or alcohol is involved.

    You have to take pictures of your car, inside and out from all angles to get the comprehensive and must supply a list of all the accesories and features your car has.

    Their website is at
    Their phone number is on the website too, as well as their fax number.

    The application form has a place on it to place the member ID number of the person who referred you, but for all the good it will do me for having referred you, you might just as well tell them you saw it on a website or a message board, whatever.

    It's great insurance and hassle free. The first year is awfully expensive for most folks, but for young people such as yourself, it's so cheap you won't believe it.

    Bill Bauer
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    Babble on!!

    What does your post have to do with the original Aspire post old man?

    Can't you stick to the subject?

    It seems senility has given you about a 30 second attention span.You just babbbbbbbbbbbllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeee ooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...................................

    Stick to the shuffleboard old timer.
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    Re: Babble on!!

    That was in response to what the original poster wrote.

    Nothing wrong with Bill's post. Actually it was quite interesting.
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    Re: Babble on!!

    Man this is turning into WWF around here!
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    Forgive Calvin???

    Calvin may have problems understanding what he reads, he may have an attention deficit disorder, he may have problems with the complexities of walking and chewing gum at the same time.

    One really should try to understand and have compassion for the handicapped and disabled. Equal Opportunities Act, I think it is, Or maybe Americans with Disabilities Act. Ahh, who cares anyway! Gotta be some kind of act, even if indecent.

    Bill Bauer

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