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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Crystal, Jul 31, 2000.

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    I started going through Asosciates National Bank (Delaware) because I was young and had no credit. I kept getting screwed by them either putting things I didn't order onto my account, being charged for resturaunts I had never been too, etc. So I closed my account, canceled the card insurance I had never asked for and continued to make my payments. After a few months my card went overlimit. Looking back on my statements, I saw they had never stopped charging insurance and on my last statement they had even added a charge from a store even though my account was closed and this charge had been paid by my the previous YEAR. So they agreed to reverse the overlimit fees, the store charge, and the card insurance. I then paid about 2x my min. payment so I would have no more problems. They never refunded the ins. and have continued to charge me overlimit fees for 3 months now. I am on the phone with them everytime I get a bill. Their representatives are rude, even hanging up sometimes, but always agree to reverse charges. I just got another bill with more overlimit fees. I am tired of dealing with them, what can I do?
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    Dispute Charges in Writing


    One important tactic is to dispute charges IN WRITING. Calling may get them to reverse a charge, but written notice is required to preserve your rights in any future legal action. Your original account agreement (probably mailed to you with the card) should contain details about this.

    You don't need to initiate or even mention legal action, but leaving a paper trail now keeps them from laughing in your face because you keep open the possibility of later legal action. Don't take their word for anything, get everything in writing, and
    definitely put all your disputes in writing.

    You need to stay persistent, confident, and not guilty. Never blame yourself for their mistakes.
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    has anyone had good experiance

    I just opened an account and hope i do not go trough the same problems as other people had posted on this board or I will close this account fast!! Thanx.... Mike
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    RE: Dispute Charges in Writing

    thank you for the advice. I will definitely be doing that today! Thanks again!!

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