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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bgolden, Jul 9, 2000.

  1. bgolden

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    Is the texaco card or their visa/mastercard hard to get? Any comments would be a great help. thanks
  2. Micheal

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    One of my people I help with credit has just received a Texaco Pre Approved App last month from Associates. Possibly they are in a growth period and looking to expand.

    I would start out applying for the Texaco first, and then in 6-8 months try for the M/C.
  3. RichGuy

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    Texaco Card

    Texaco/Associates sent me a preapproved application soon after I got my Capital One and Providian cards. There were no problems, and I got the card quickly enough. Then they sent me a second preapproved application, which was valid in spite of the existing Texaco card. I accepted, and the second card had a higher purchase limit and a much higher cash advance limit.
    Last week I got my first Associates bankcard application, for a Gold or standard Visa. That was about five months after my first Texaco card offer. The Visa had a 25.5% interest rate, so I passed on that offer. Since there was no annual fee, I may accept a similar offer if it ever suits my needs.
  4. Michael

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    RE: Take the Offer

    I would take the offer inspite of the high interest rate. As long as the card is free, then your still gaining a trade referance, even if you never use the card!

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