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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Nick'sMom, Aug 1, 2001.

  1. Nick'sMom

    Nick'sMom Member

    I got an "invitation" in the mail for the AT&T Universal Card. Does anyone know how easy or hard it is to get this card? I don't want to waste putting an inquiry on CR is it is out of my reach. Also which CR do they pull.

    Thanks in advance,
    Nick's Mom
  2. Mist

    Mist Well-Known Member

    They pulled Experian for me. It's Universal Bank which is now an affiliate of Citibank. Read all the terms carefully.

    Generous credit limit. My FICO was probably around 670 at the time.
  3. eddie

    eddie Well-Known Member

    My wife got it about 2 months ago with a 660 fico. They pulled eq. 1100. cl. 0% on balance transfers until 3/2002. We dont use it for purchases so I dont know the rate. We just xfered 7000. to it and will pay it off when the 0% expires. Only 1k of the limit was avail. for cash and the rates for that are high.
  4. greyfox

    greyfox Well-Known Member

    I had a pre-approval

    They pulled Experian here in AZ. 4K CL, 0% BT rate until 4/02, and a purchase APR of 13.49%. I don't remember the cash advance APR. $100 free AT&T calling card at the ridiculous calling card rates, but what the heck, it's free!

    My son had a pre-approval several months ago, but was declined because of a derog on his credit report.

    I think my FICO is in the 720-750 range, if that helps.
  5. dave

    dave Well-Known Member

    Re: I had a pre-approval

    I've had this card for 10 months. No problems with customer service or account maintenance but the card doesn't come with any extraordinary benefits. The variable APR has dropped to 11.99 though and I've gotten 2 limit increases at the website.

    This card is similar to the Citibank Platinum select card but between the two, I prefer the Citibank Plat. Although both gave me intro. balance transfers at 2.9 for nine months last year, the Plat. Select continues to offer great deals. I transferred another balance at 6.9 last month and today received a pre-printed cash advance check at 6.9 for the life of the balance. I don't intend to use it, but it's nice to get the offer. I haven't seen similar offers from AT& T and when I called a few months ago to ask, I was told there weren't any available.

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