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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by JacquiG, Feb 12, 2001.

  1. JacquiG

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    Hi all,

    I have a Universal card (8/00) and Citi Plat Select (10/00). I don't really want my Universal card, so I called Citi again to try and get the cards combined. They still can't do it because of the different systems. So anyway, I was declined last month for the Click Citi because the minimum limit assigned would exceed my allowable limit to income ratio (something like that, anyway!), so while I was on the phone, I asked if I could close Universal and convert to Click, and she said yes, and that my APR would also drop to 11.something from 16.4. That's when I realized she was talking about my Citibank card, not Universal. #@#@, can't convert Universal to Click because they don't have a comparable card. OK, then can I get the 11.? rate on my current Citi card? Nope, that rate is so low because it's an internet-only card. Don't want to restrict my largest line that way, so I'm still stuck. One thing about Citi, though, their reps are very nice and really try to make something happen; as opposed to Universal's, whose every response is 'I don't know' (will I get any transfer offers when this one expires, do you ever send out transfer checks, how long before increases, etc...).

    No point here, just hoping someone sympathizes with me! I don't have any real problems with Universal, it's just on my list of 'useless' cards.
  2. sam

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    RE: citi

    They are pulling your leg, many of us have recently switched down nearly 5%.

    1. Call the rep up, say "You'd really like to transfer-out (your balances), and close this card, can i speak to retention".

    2. Wait.. They'll chat to each other.

    3. Account retention manager should come online. Explain you're interested in closing the account and transferring the balances to a lower apr card, and ask if they can do something about your APR instead of going through the hassle..

    same old story, that folks have been doing with providian/cap 1, applies to citibank and other prime lenders..

    I went from prime + 7.9% to prime + 2.9% which makes me pretty happy.
  3. JacquiG

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    RE: citi

    Thanks, sam. Both cards are under a 2.9% rate right now; I'm looking toward April when Universal expires. I guess after it's transferred out, I'll call and try again - I want a DIFFERENT card!

    Good job on your rates - those posts are what made me decide to call (again) about the transfer.
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    Thanks for sharing your AT&T Universal Card experience. Sorry you're having such a rough time losing the card and getting it combined with your other account from Citi.

    Over the weekend, one of those pre-approved card offers came in the mail from At&T Universal. It was for their Platinum card.

    Applying was very tempting. I wonder which bureau they use.

    Anyway, the customer service for AT&T is different? They don't use the same customer service reps as Citi? I wonder why, especially if Citi is now the card issuer for both.

  5. JacquiG

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    Hi Donna!

    Thanks for the shoulder :) The Universal Platinum is the card that I have, and they pulled Equifax here (Georgia).

    According to the Citi rep I spoke with, Universal's calls go to AT&T's call center in Jacksonville, and the overflow comes to Citibank. To be honest, now that I think about it, maybe it was Citi's rep that I talked to before that had no idea what was going on. If that was the case, she should have SAID SO. Funny though how the 'true' Citi rep was able to explain both Universal and Citi products - maybe she's been there awhile.
  6. Donna

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    Thanks much, JaquiG, for the info. I appreciate it.

    I was just curious about the customer service for AT&T because the reps you get with Citi are so helpful and accomodating.

    Hmmmm.....So AT&T pulled Equifax on you. That's not my best report. Maybe I should stay with my resolve not to apply for anymore credit.

    Keep us posted on what happens with the card. I hope you get a good transfer offer soon.


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