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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ble103, Oct 12, 2000.

  1. ble103

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    To anyone that has this card.Could you let me know how soon after i take their 3.9% for 9 months on my balance transfer they offered me to be eligible for their next one that lasts until balance is paid off?I just got the card today.I heard alot of good things about this card.Thank you for all of your post.
  2. Jo

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    I HAD the card, but I dropped 'em. They're not a bad company, but I had better service with AmEx and Citibank. The reps there are depressed and I think their environment sucks, because I sure as hell never spoke with a happy rep there. No annual fee, attractive card, attractive cards, one of the better ones. Go for it!
  3. creditwork

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    I think it will depend on how you use it. I think they will give the promotional rate to people they feel they can catch with the higher rate. Use caution when using the teaser rates. I am not aware of a 3.9% APR for the duration of the loan from AT&T.

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