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    I had a Direct Bill Calling Card from AT&T in 1997. By accident they sent me two calling cards with identical numbers. I was under the assumption that they were belonging to the same account. In April 2000, I noticed that there was an AT&T account on my credit report which stated that it was current yet closed. I contacted AT&T today and they said that I had two accounts and one of them was 294 days past due and the other has a credit. I never received a notice that the account was past due or that it went to a collection agency. They wanted me to pay on the spot but I told them to send me the bill and I will go from there. What should I do????

    Thanks for your time
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    If you have the money and just want to get rid of it, do this:

    Claim this was a long time ago, and you are confused with the two accounts. Offer them a settlement for say 50% just to clear it out.

    Make SURE that part of this deal is a letter from them that if you clear the debt per the arrangement, they will remove (delete) the negative credit report from all three credit bureaus.

    Get this in hand, in writing before you give them the money.

    Good luck!

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