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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by arthur, Mar 15, 2001.

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    Lizardking, I need your help. Here is my situation.

    Equifax apparently has 3 credit files in my name, all of them have accounts that are not mine. I have disputed them since last year, I ACTUALLY have letters from the creditor stating that the accounts are not mine like 10 of them! Equifax keeps on lying and stating that they are coming back verified...the original creditor has sent me certification that the request to remove from EFX has been sent NUMEROUS times. Efx simply refused to remove it.

    Here is the deal, my last dispute was oct 2000. It is March 01, and the items are still there, I looked at a recent copy, but they are all still marked "investigation in progress, consumer disputes", how can they still be investigating when the law clearly states they have 30 days, it's been 5 months...this has been an ongoing problem.

    I am ready to sue in small claims to get the 3 files consolidated, as well as all the negatives removed permantly. Which section of law should I write in my affadavit, so I can successfully sue them.

    Equifax is a nightmare, I was dealing with Pat Lyons in the consumer affairs division of efx for awhile, she had me go to the ssa and get proof of my identity, which i sent her, and nothing was ever done. I cant even get a copy of my credit report from efx, I have to go through a broker, like qspace, or some other online broker, b/c my efx reports are never sent! They are clearly violating the law, and I want to sue them big time. I do have proof to back up all my claims. What should I say. Any and all help would be appreciated. I am going to file suit next week.

    What do you think I will get, what should I sue for $5000, IS THE MOST I CAN GET IN MARYLAND.

    Thanks for the help
  2. Saar

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    Re: attn lizardking..suing equ

    Are your credit files listed under 3 different SSNs?

    Probably identity theft. If so, did you ask them to put a fraud alert on any of your files? To put it, all you have to do is call them and ask for the fraud dept. That way, the identity thief would at least have a hard time opening new accounts on your behalf.

  3. arthur

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    Re: attn lizardking..suing equ

    nope, not identity theft, equfax just has their records really screwed up, the files are under the same ssn, the rep at efx said there was too much volume, too many accounts, and they couldnt keep track of it all, and consolidate them. Then why the hell are they in the business they are in?

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