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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Tara, Nov 14, 2000.

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    I have been having a severe (and I mean SEVERE) problem with in their final days. I'm trying to finish up some last minute bill paying and I had my last paycheck wired to my account, but the company's bank that sent the wire to me accidentally left our one number in my account. When I did a trace on the wire transfer I found it was sitting at waiting to be added to my account, but they wanted the issuing bank to issue and ammendment with the correct account number, however legally the bank could not do this without REQUESTING the ammendment directly from the bank. BLATANTLY refused to do this, and they would not tell me why, even after they talked to the issuing bank on the telephone. Instead they sent the wire transfer back, after a 36 hour delay, and the issuing bank did not get it back in time to resend it until the FOURTH business day after the wire was sent! Because of this I have incurred at least one returned check charge already, and I have two more check pending that have yet to clear, which I wrote based on this money. I may end up having to pay as much as $75 in returned check charges to, plus $75 or MORE to the companies I wrote the checks to, in addition to paying the checks off in cash AND having the embarrassment of a bounced check. I haven't bounced a check since I was SEVENTEEN!!!! This seems like a purposeful refusal to comply with my requests as an attempt to extort money from me in the form of returned check fees and/or late fees since I now do not have enough money in my account to pay my monthly payment on my credit line. The letter they sent out about closing said they would not be accepting any more wires after November 20th, but it is not yet the 20th and I believe I am not the only one this has happened to. I spoke with someone at the Federal Reserve Bank in their district trying to trace the wire and when I told them it was she said "Uh oh." Apparently there have been NUMEROUS complaints to them about wire transfer problems. I have filed a formal complain online with the FTC and the Better Business Bureau against First Western National Bank and, and I am also considering finding an attorney to handle a class action lawsuit IF I can find more of these people who have experienced this from to take part in the suit with me, so if you EVER had a problem with a wire transfer that lead to any type of returned check fees or late payment fees or other damages, please e-mail me at so I can look into this suit. As soon as I get a few people who have some sort of proof I will contact an attorney that specilizes in class action suits to see if we have a case.

    I am also looking in to whether or not gave customers long enough notice before closing their doors. I got my notice on November 6th that they were closing their doors on December 2st, which isn't even 30 days. I believe the FDIC would have a problem with such inadequate notice, not to mention the fact that I have YET to receive anything in the mail. They has so far only notified me by e-mail and by posting it to the website, what about people who haven't been online lately, people who signed up and later lost their internet connection or something and have been using through the mail and telephone. Maybe there are people who don't even know yet!

    I will keep everyone apprised of the situation if there is enough response to this. PLEASE don't just let get away with everything they are doing. Refusing wires, delaying deposits, not even giving 30 days notice... this is wrong! I urge you to file a complain with the FTC at (scroll to the bottom and click on Complaint Form) and with the better business bureau at (scroll to the bottom and click File A Complaint) also contact me if you think you have enough proof that your wire and/or deposits have been delayed and you have received damages as a result and would like to be included in the possible lawsuit.

    Also, I have been approved for a NetBank account which I will be depositing my initial $100 deposit into if and when I ever get this wire. They are VERY easy to get an account with, even with credit AND ChexSystems problems, as many people have told me they also were approved even when their info was so bad that they couldn't get a secured credit card!

    Tara Shuler
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    RE: Attn: Customers, Wir

    We all knew this was going to happen in the back of our minds ( closing). eck. I got a wingspanbank for the exact reason. and the same morning at 7:30am when i walked in straight to the HR lady and told her i want my check next pay period (ADP protocol) and direct deposit in my wingspan thereafter.

    thank god they gave us as much time as they did. I expected to just get a "we've closed shop" email again.

    ill look into netbank! thanks for letting me know they like chex

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