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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by OtherTerri, Oct 17, 2001.

  1. OtherTerri

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    I was looking back over the information Marie posted a few months ago on credit scoring and how to maximize your score.

    The oldest accounts on my husband's report are actually as an au. Does anyone know if they count toward his total number of revolving accounts?

    Marie's information recommended 2-3 revolving accounts, and if these two accounts count as being my husband's revolving accounts, he has 4, but cannot really cancel any of them because of age.

    The au thing confuses me a bit. I think having these accounts on his cr is what got us our auto loan last fall, but I know they don't count as much as our own accounts.

    Does anyone know more about au accounts?

  2. mj

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    They aren't supposed to figure in... but I spoke with an Amex new account person who told me that AU's are factored in THEIR scoring model (they don't use the generic bureau scores, they take all the data in and add your application data, then generate a score).

    I don't recall where I read this, maybe on FICO's site, but something about each lender decides if an AU counts or not.

    Good luck,
  3. OtherTerri

    OtherTerri Well-Known Member

    Thanks, mj. Too bad there isn't a set answer to these things!

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