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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Rock, Apr 23, 2000.

  1. Rock

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    I have never had my own credit card. I am an authorized user on my wifes chase mc with a 15k limit. Does this mean I have some credit history? Its not a joint account and she is the primary card holder. Thanks, Rock
  2. kristy - c

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    According to section 603 of the FCRA, the way I interpret it, only information on credit issued to a consumer is allowed. If you are an authorized user, you do not fall under these categories, you are not responsible for the debt and did not receive credit. An authorized user doesn't have credit on this account and it's only the signor that is responsible. So, in essence, if an account on which you are an authorized user shows up on your report, it would be someone else's credit (the signor on the account). I've had lots of readers successfully challenge this to both the creditors and the bureaus and have accounts in which they were authorized users removed.

    However, I've seen more instances than I can count where authorized users have been reported as co-signers on that line of credit, which sometimes is tough to correct on with the bureaus since the creditors will refuse to verify this. Sometimes they are cooperative, it just depends.

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