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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Dallas, Mar 24, 2001.

  1. Dallas

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    I asked this question a few days ago and got not response. Here it is again.

    I want auto refinancing for my 2000 Mitsubishi. I have 13.9% apr loan with Householdauto Finance from 8/00. My score was 619 when I got this loan. My score is now 702.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on who to refinance with? Preferably they pull equifax or experian like household 'cause my transunion 'sucks'.
  2. Reshod

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    my initial finance rate was a outrageous 14.9%, then I refinanced it through my credit union and I am at 8.5%.

    Try your credit union, if you are not a member, JOIN. Also, make sure that they pull equifax.

  3. jshimmer

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    7.55% to 9.49% (today's refinance rate), depending upon term length.

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