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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by <b>pbm</b>, Mar 9, 2001.

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    <HTML>Considering the amount of traffic on this board we thought it might be time to consider creating one or more additional forums.

    One such forum would be dedicated to sample letters for disputes, debt validations, etc. This would effectively serve as a resource center rather than a discussion area. Only registered users could post to this forum, and the messages would be subject to approval by an editor or moderator (any volunteers?).

    On the surface it seems logical to divide the board further into at least two separate forums: one for credit cards, the other for credit repair. However, upon closer examination the distinction becomes more blurred. It seems there would be material that could apply to both categories, and with two forums it would arguably be harder to find.

    If you have any thoughts on this, please share them. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  2. RichGuy

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    Re: Additional Forums?

    You could keep credit cards and credit repair in a general forum as at present, but still start any special forums you wish, such as dispute letters, mortgages, online banking, even credit cards.

    Messages about credit repair are often long enough to justify putting them off to the side. Shorter messages about any topic could still stay in a general forum.

    If you think the distinction between credit cards and credit repair is blurred in principle, it would be even more blurred in practice. People would still post whatever they wanted, wherever they wanted. Perhaps you could provide the ability to post to one forum, another forum, OR BOTH simultaneously. Then posters could judge themselves whether information belonged in more than one forum.
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    Re: Additional Forums?

    I would think that the definition of "credit repair" would be fairly clear-cut. The issue of "credit cards" is where the ambiguity comes in. I agree with your observation that the two become blurred in this forum.

    Maybe in the "post" area, classification buttons could be added as follows: CR, CC, BOTH. Then the same options could be available in filtering database searches. Just brainstorming. Overall, there are no real big problems here (maybe the answer is don't fix it if it ain't broke).


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