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    <HTML>Fellow posters and lurkers,

    Possibly as early as next week we will begin requiring visitors to register prior to posting. You will still be able to read messages as an unregistered user, but if you wish to participate in discussions you will first need to become a member.

    This will most certainly resolve the problem of "mistaken identity" currently plaguing the board. We also believe, perhaps optimistically so, that this change will reduce the number of disruptive incidents caused by one individual in particular who shall remain anonymous, at least for the time being.

    We sincerely appreciate your patronage, your endurance, and your continued support as we move forward with these and other changes.


  2. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    Re: rob

    Them's harsh words for a guy who hides his schizophrenia 'neath the shroud of IP anonymity...

    Cowardess or sickness it's a tossup. -Dave

    Its NOT my damn planet MonkeyBoy!
  3. creditwork

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    Re: rob

    I have seen this board evolve through the years. I will continue to participate. Thank you for the opportunity to air our very different point of view on credit.

  4. john

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    Re: rob

    Herb, Steven X, Dogman, and so many others have helped me so much over the past 4 years to rebuild my credit that this board has been a real blessing. I hope the changes make the board even better.
    I bought a book, as Roni suggests, and found I needed more help. Thanks to the patient concern of those who post here, I got that help. There will always be people like Roni, who judge and contribute very little, but they eventually lose interest (hopefully). And I'll be glad to see the Bobbys disappear. Without them, this board will be far more effective.

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