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    <HTML>Dear Board Members,

    We appreciate every positive contribution to the free exchange of relevant information and to the community of this board. And, it grieves us too when good people decide to take a break from this forum due to an occasional temporary downturn in the cooperative atmosphere here. You may have noticed a consistently increasing effort on our part to make continual improvements to this site and to this message board with hopes of fostering an environment that will truly support the growth of this community and encourage its development to its full potential as the best available resource of its kind. This is our commitment, and while much goes on behind the scenes that would not be obvious to the world, our hope is that the long-term effects will be apparent to those who stay with us.

    As you might imagine, it is not always an easy or sometimes even a simple task to weed and prune negative or disruptive energy without potentially disrupting legitimate posts. Occasionally mistakes are bound to happen, especially when the atmosphere becomes a bit emotionally charged. We trust you will understand this difficulty and not take offense at our efforts, or assume that any of our deletions are in any way personally targeted or offensive in nature. Rather, they are always an attempt at constructive pruning. It is of course unfortunate if an occasional message or thread is misjudged and we hope that, on the whole, such would be a rare occurrence.

    We appreciate and encourage your active participation in this forum.



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