B.K. and student loans

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Hey Roni, Jan 13, 2001.

  1. Hey Roni

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    I am convinced that I should never be thinking about BK over 10 K in 3 year old charge offs. But don't you have a ton of old student loans that could be dischargd in BK. then get a fresh start. I am beginning to think that some people are better off with the BK despite what was said about subprime hell. LOL
  2. Angela

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    This was from me

    I put the subject in the name column Sorry
  3. roni

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    Nice of you to think of me. Student loans can not be dismissed thru bankruptcy. But I would never do that anyway. I didnot borrow the money in hopes to not pay it back. My loans are all current now and I make monthly payments as planned. My situation is nothing like yours.

  4. Amistad Da

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    Discharging BK is possible but only in dire dire cirmumstances. The Federal Financial Aid booklet tells you this. B.K. discharged everything for me except my student loans. I was in a situation where I didn't initially need credit at all. It was sure nice having my whole check after Ch 7. That was better than my credit. So subprime is hell for some, some it's not so bad if you can "do the time"
  5. csx

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    I believe you can get a "hardship" discharge in a chapter 7 if you can prove that your income will never be high enough to meet the payments on your student loans. Back in 98, you could discharge your loans after a 7 year repayment attempt. Thanks to congress, this rule is gone. :)
  6. To the Kno

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    RE: Angela

    Roni, not everyone who declare bankruptcy does so because they borrowed money they never intended to pay back. Get off your high-horse and grow up. You have an opinion on every subject and 75% of the time you don't know what you're talking about. You just don't know when to shut up.
    No wonder so many old regulars don't post here any longer. Your nonsense is an awful lot to take at times and now you're making asinine judgments about others.
    This bit is just total nonsense and you really are off base.
  7. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    Gee! thanks

    So, know you are speaking for Angela. You are making a judgement by misinterpreting my post. A post which was specifically addressed to Angela. But anyway, I appreciate you taking the time to add your opinion(s) to the board.


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