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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by <b>pbm</b>, Feb 13, 2001.

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    Dear Patrons,

    As some of you may already know, LKH was banned from the board earlier today. This action was not deliberate. Our intention was to ban the individual posing as "Eddie", and doing so resulted in LKH being denied access because LKH is accessing the board from within the same network as the individual whose IP we banned.

    This poses a dilemma for Creditnet. On the one hand we have a disruptive individual that interferes with the purpose of this board, consequently upsetting many other visitors, some of whom are visiting for the first time and are certain not to return. On the other hand banning a dynamic IP address can only be done effectively by banning the entire subdomain, which has the unfortunate side effect of denying access to all other visitors trying to access this board from within the same network.

    In the interest of protecting this board we sometimes find it necessary to resort to extreme measures. The decision is never easy and we do so only after we have exhausted all other options.

    We are presently working with LKH to find a workaround. In the meantime the domain continues to be on the deny list to ban the offending individual. Judging from the threatening email we received from "Eddie" earlier today, that ban is working successfully.

    We trust you can understand our position, and thank you for your continued patronage.


  2. eddie

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    Re: Banned (LKH)

    [ message removed by pbm ]
  3. J. Edgar

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    Re: Banned (LKH)

    Normally when someone gets banned in a situation like this and gets angry the threaten to sue for abridging their freedom of speech.

    Fortunately, such an arguement has no legal standing. The Bill of Rights ONLY pertains to what the GOVERNMENT can and can not do, not private individuals, organziations, companies, and corporations.

    The Constitution in no way guarantees any one the right to use someone else's privately run venue that they pay for and maintain as a virtual soapbox to rant and rave from.
  4. marvin

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    Re: Banned (LKH)

    We have freedom of speech ONLY AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T INTERFERE WITH OTHER PEOPLE'S RIGHTS, and I would say that Eddies speech went far beyond interfering with the rights of everyone on this board. I would go even further and say that their may be several people on this board that may have a possible lawsuit against Eddie for slander, libel, harassment, terroristic threats, etc...

    P.S. pbm, wouldn't it be possible to talk with LKH, and US west and give LHK a static IP address, and exclude that address from the banned network?

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