Bad Cc Deal

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    Credit Limit: $300
    Fee: $225
    (I have never heard of an ACCEPTANCE FEE before)
    other fees: $56
    Available $19

    The scam has to be in the fact that they DO NOT give any indication of amounts for "upfront" charges. They send you NO documentation other than the standard agreement, AFTER you activate the card they tell you about your available($19) and then give you a breakdown of charges. HOW does a company like this even manage to operate in a market space that is regulated by the FTC?????
    It is not a 'business opportunity' when you to take a clear cut advantage of someone, that is deplorable on all fronts!!
  2. jpriafl

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    Yes, it most certainly is a bad credit card deal - probably worse even then First Premier, Cross-Country and a few others. I've received "offers" from all of these.

    But they all sent me or displayed information of their fees in advance; on their on-line apps all credit cards that I have seen stuff them away under sometrhing usually called "Terms and Conditions", but it is there...

    One exception: I applied for BestBuy "6 months same as cash" deal; I was not approved at the time, but what I did not see in the fine print was that I would automatically be applied for a Household Bank credit card at the same time - although the Best Buy app did mention I could "be eligible" for a Household bank card, they did not say I would be FORCED to apply for it, and there was no mention of terms until I received the card in the mail.

    Actually, I was gone for two months, and not only did I receive the card and the terms, but also an initial statement with the initial charges, and a second statement with more charges and a late payment fee.

    I refused the terms, stated emphatically that I neither wanted the card nor applied for it, and they made everything disappear - with the exception that it is on my credit record (as a good account), although I suppose I could also have that removed. Maybe you could tell them no way no how would you apply for or use something like that. It worked for Household, maybe it will work for your situation.

    But it is a horrible, immoral unethical unreasonable extortionistic way to steal money, in my opinion.
  3. iambroke

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    Sounds like the Household Bank card I had!
    I applied for Best Buy's credit card, got denied but HH bank approved me for a whopping 300.00 limit with a 89.00 fee that they charged even though I didn't even activate the card!

    I wrote them a letter immediately, told them to shove their card where the sun don't shine and to credit back my fee since I never activated the dang card. They obliged and the card never showed up on my Credit reports. I guess that was cause I never activated it.

    I wish when you apply for best buy they would tell you they are sending that terrible card so you can at least get the option to decline it!

    GEORGE Well-Known Member


    I had a card weeks before I even got the card to ACTIVATE IT...OR NOT

    My 3 BDD CITIBANK AASILVER & AAGOLD were NEVER activated and all 3 are on my credit reports...
  5. SoParkDiva

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    Re: Re: Bad Cc Deal

    Same here. My AMEX card began reporting on my report before I received it in the mail and before I activated it.

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