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    Hey, guys, I got conned several months back by a company I won't name. they charged me 25 dollars for a short, text attachment list of bad credit loans. It wasn't worth the money, but I'll share it with you guys. (It's not copyrighted and I took out all references to the company I bought it from)

    I haven't,personally, tried to use any of the sources. If you do, good luck and be careful! Read the fine print.

    Personal Loans
    at the Following Places:

    The Associates Transouth, 1-800-333-5626
    (Max. Loan $50,000, secured and unsecured,
    "Slow Pay and Bankruptcy OK)

    CASH RESERVE have up to $500 in your checking account TOMORROW

    Cash Advances up to $500
    Money Directly Deposited Into your Personal Checking Account

    Get Cash in a Flash! Telecash - the leader in phone and Internet cash advances.
    We will loan you up to $500! Fill out out simple form at:

    American Heritage
    12228 Venice Blvd. Ste. 493
    Los Angeles, CA. 90066 (310) 397-2609

    Loan by Phone Approval Center
    Telephone: 1-888-919-MONY (6669)
    Fax: (913) 648-5559

    B&B Financial Services
    Dept. TX-9422, 2143-B Coliseum Dr., #154
    Hampton,Va. 23666-5962 Unsecured personal loans based on income and not credit

    BORROW UP TO $300 until Pay Day. Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem!
    Must have job & checking account.
    For A Loan By Phone: TELE-CASH 1-800-992-9200

    East Coast Funding Group
    4001 Kennett Pike, Suite 134
    Grenville, DE. 19807

    Loans By Mail Service - 1-800-577-5053

    Universal Financial - (513)-528-9751

    FPD Resources - 1-800-993-6680

    Green Enterprises - (916)-334-3465

    The Money Connection
    4570 Van Nuys Blvd. Suite 264
    Sherman Oaks,CA. 91403

    There is no approval process and no collateral requirements. Your Signature is
    all that is required to obtain your loan.
    Corporate Financial 1-800-872-8608

    International Funding, PO Box 402, Station X9, Worcester, MA. 01613 (Company
    offers guarantees, letters of credit, surety bonds and collateral enhancements)

    Jarle Holgersen, Midas Asociados de Mexico S.A., PO Box 189003, Coronado, CA.
    92178 (This company states that they have money for rent- $100,000 and up- and
    will deposit it in your bank)


    For Auto Loans

    Auto Loans, Car Loans from 1-800 DRIVE TODAY - Fast, easy, free service. Auto
    loans for individuals with good and bad credit.

    Bad Credit Financing:
    Auto Financing Regardless of Credit History
    Apply On-line for 24 Hour Approval:

    Credit cards

    1st. Net MasterCard claims that no one is turned down.

    Here is a good one to try for $250 unsecured credit line in just 5 minutes.


    1. Unsecured Credit Cards

    Orchard Bankcard 1-800-581-6880 http://www.orchardbank.com/cards/index.html

    Merchant's Bank

    Cross Country Bank: - 1-800-252-1159 or 1-310-322-9111

    Merrick Bank 1-800-929-8818

    United Credit National Bank-Issued through AFCA. - 1-303-980-5806
    Ask for the number of the location nearest you.

    First National Bank of Marion: - 1-702-269-1100

    NBCA - 1-800-675-9357

    Crestar Bank - 1-800-368-7700

    Bank First - 1-605-361-4949
    Home Federal Card Processing 1-916-672-7700

    2. Partially Secured Credit Cards:
    First Consumers National Bank: Minimum deposit is $150. For every $100 in
    deposit, they will provide $150 in credit limit. 1-800-876-3262

    Capital One Minimum savings deposit of $250 required. They then issue you a
    credit limit equal to 200% of deposit. 1-800-588-5619

    Visa Classic From Providian - 1-800-810-3951 or 1-800-356-7961 : P.O. Box 7453
    San Francisco, CA. 94120.

    3. Secured Credit Cards
    Bank of Hoven: Minimum deposit of $380 1-800-777-7735

    Heritage Oaks Bank: Minimum deposit of $200. They give you 200% credit limit.

    American Pacific Bank: Minimum savings deposit of $400 required.

    First Premier Bank: apply online at https://www.futurecard.com/un.asp?003939

    Farrington Bank: Minimum deposit of $350 required. 1-609-488-6206

    Surety Bank: Minimum deposit of $250 required. 1-800-624-8472


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