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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Melissa, Jan 23, 2001.

  1. Melissa

    Melissa Well-Known Member

    Hi all,
    I have posted to you all that I was moving to KC in the next few weeks. WEll anyway, guess what the heck had to happen to me today. My freakin purse was stolen at McDonald's. I couldn't believe it. I live in a very small town where you can leave anything wide open in your car and diamonds sitting on your front porch without really worrying about anything. Anyway, I was in the ball pit area with my kids and well it was stolen when I wasn't looking but they didn't touch any of my other stuff on the table. Anyway, I managed to realize this while I was finally after 4 years staightening out a mistake from an old checking account with D & N Bank that I thought I had closed and well it wasn't closed till they closed it themselves with a negative balance. I guess what had happened is a very long story but they agreed that something was fishy from the information I was giving them and the information on their computer about the account and said if I would pay the 6 dollar service fee for the last month they would credit all the NSF charges for a check that tried to present itself in Nov of 96 when it was written in July of 96 and I had moved out of the area in Oct of 96. Anyway, and then after I pay the 6 dollar fee then they would report it paid to CSI, the current collection agency and have it removed from Chex systems as well. She said it would take two weeks tops:) So anyway, I went to get my purse to go to the bank when I realized my purse was missing. So I quickly drove to McDonalds and asked if anyone turned anything in, they said no. Then, I remember when we were leaving that I didn't remember seeing my purse otherwise I wouldn't have forgotten it because it was right by my diaper bag which I did have. So I immediately went to my current bank which had just closed 1 min before and banged on the door. They let me in and took care of everything, stop payments on all checks from the last check I had written and cancelled my check visa card and is having my new atm/check visa card airborne expressed to me by Friday since I am moving on Feb 1st. Then I quickly went home and called providian and had both cards cancelled asap and new ones fed exed to me, due to arrive Friday. They were really good at handling all of this. I then called WElls Fargo my other checking account which I have a lousy 1.78 in and have a new check visa card also airborne expressed to me on Friday. Yeah, what a relief. NOw all I have to do is go to the WIC office and tell them since my WIC checks were in there and get a new license and freakin soc card. I do have a couple of other cards but they were technically closed accounts so they won't work anyway, but they were just in my purse still. Plus I had that damn freakin X.Com checkbook in my purse and I have no idea what to do about that so I wrote Paypal hoping they could give me a clue so if the theives do try to write checks with them, it doesn't look like I am going around writing bad checks on a cancelled account. Oh and I have to file a police report tomorrow too since I went there at 5:30 and guess what they were closed. ONly in Houghton, MI would they freakin close, god forbid crimes happen after business hours M-F.
    Okay thanks for reading, this helps me heal a bit from this awful day.
  2. roni

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    Man, that was one heck of a day. I hardly ever read long post. But your story pulled me in there. I leave my purse all over. Thank God, nothing bad like that has happened to me. I will pray that things look up when you move to KC.

    "Success in life doesnot come from holding a good hand, but in playing a poor hand well."


  3. miles

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    Sorry about your bad day. I hope things look up for you. BTW, did you find a place to live in KC? I know you were worried about that before. Good luck moving! :)
  4. jay

    jay Guest

    I also wanted to express good thoughts for your move, and I'm so sorry that you had such a rotten day! Good for you for taking care of everything so well. :)


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