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    Where it explains how to make a cash advance @ BT interest rate, and then goes on to say:

    "use the money to open brokerage accounts and get sign up money if you're short of the minimum funding amount. Just make sure the intro rate lasts longer than the minimum time required to keep the brokerage account open."

    A few bonus offers that are available now, each gets you $100:

    "One of the misconceptions about opening a brokerage account is you have to buy stocks upon opening the account. You don't! The money goes into a cash account. Sometimes you'll get free checks & an ATM card or even an optional money market account (MMA).

    Brokerages know that, if you're like most people, once you open an account you'll be reluctant to close it, especially if you have stock in the account. Still, if you don't buy stock, the process of getting sign up money is relatively painless".
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    To get the full bonus list, go to:

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    Great links! Thanks Saar!

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