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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Julie Stro, May 4, 2000.

  1. Julie Stro

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    I filed Chapter 7, 8 years ago. I have reestablished my credit with creditors like Capital One, Orchard Bank, etc...

    I would like another card, to get rid of these smaller cards with high finances. I have 4 cards. Paid off 3, but have a balance of $1,800 on 1, and I would like to pay it off, by doing a balance transfer. Anybody know of any creditors that will work with people coming out of Ch. 7 (8 years) good credit history now, but can't get a well know card!

    Any suggestions on where I can apply? if so do you know the number or website. Thanks
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    RE: Balance Transfer on OK Cre

    First of all, Julie, congratulations on paying off those 3 cards already. That is quite an achievement. One obvious answer to your question is to respond to any bank that offers you a card in the mail at the rate you want. Every card I have ever gotten has been offered to me first. One of them was Chase, which offered me a 9.9% rate in the mail soon
    after I got my Capital One and Providian cards. The letter said that was their standard pricing, although they had a higher alternative pricing rate. My credit may be worse than yours except for your bankruptcy, and I got 1000 dollars at the STANDARD rate of 9.9 percent. I still can't believe it. The
    only catch was that I was offered only 1000 dollars, and they specifically said that was because of collection items (which were about 3 years ago.) So Chase may be worth a try. Best wishes for your credit search.

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